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  1. very nice!!! wish i had the money!!
  2. well it's 2008!!!! let's all have a good one.
  3. Merry Christmas To All & A Happy & Safe Boating New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. that looks good!! i wonder if my river rocket would hold a 300x
  5. dave, i'll still take the tank. let me know. thanks dan
  6. hey matt, hanging in their, just recovering from another back surgery. i'll try to get some pic's up later. dan
  7. mine has two pieces in the back to, should it be removed or not? don't know about the front because it's all glassed up. boat is a 95 r.r i believe it's a drag hull 600-650lbs. by the way holeshot that pic in your avitar is f****** awesome dan
  8. 95 river rocket single seat mvp bottom around 600-650 lbs i think it could be more or less? 2.5 carb motor don't know true hp but will spin over 8g's bolted right to the transom cle lower with the water pick up's level with the bottom of boat. boat likes the cleaver's 14.5 28-30pitch would like to try a 32-34 one of these day's, never did a top speed run but was over a 100mph with a lot more to go. dan
  9. dave, if haulin does not want it,let me know,i'll most likely take it if it's in good condition. let me know thanks dan
  10. Kurt, Got those duck bills pulled off, like you said, no problem. Now I'll use just the regular drain plugs instead of using them. I remember the accident you had with your Euro that your talking about, you cant let something like that stop you from what you enjoy. Thanks again for all the info and help. Dan Anthony, Just wanted to say thank you for all your input too. The information you gave me on those duck bills made my decision up on whether to keep them or not, I just dont want to take a chance on that sinking if I decide to leave it in overnight. Thanks again Dan
  11. Thanks Anthony and Matt on the advise on those duck bills, even though it sounds easy, I'm still leary on it, my luck something will happen. Do you think it will be okay for the time being, or do I have to worry about the thing taking in water with those being on there. Anthony what did you mean when you said "yes he did find it on the bottom in the morning" ? Does that mean that it sank? Hopefully one of these days I can run into one of you guys who know how to do this so you guys can do it for me So what I am somewhat understanding is that it has metal inserts, If I was to pull the duck bills off, will I be able to just use the plugs right away or is there work behind it. Thanks again guys Dan
  12. Kurt, Thanks again for the compliments, when summer time comes I think I'll just get out my beach chair along with a little pool to sit in with a cooler of beer next to it and stare at it all day. After reading about what happened to Hank,( thank god hes ok!! ) it puts a scary thought in my mind. I was in a bad boat wreck quite a few years ago, it was hard to get back into another boat again, but I kept doing it. I guess you need to overcome your fears some time, especially when its something you enjoy to do and look forward to doing. And I look forward to my summers so I can go out to the river. When I dont go out, I am just plain miserable. Besides family, boating is my life. As far as the colors on the boat, the original owner said that was the only boat made with that color scheme. Like said before I fell in love with this boat as soon as I saw it. Thanks again Dan
  13. Paul, Thanks for that info and compliment, I dont know if I would try to attempt to do that on my own. I'm pretty handy but I would rather not temp to mess with it, I would be afraid to mess it up, then I wouldnt be able to ride it at all. And theres no one around here that I would trust putting their hands on it. I enjoy looking at it, but I'm getting that itch. So once the weather gets nice and stays nice it will be going in. By the way I like your boat also, there was a time I was considering buying yours but wasnt able to travel. Thanks again for the info Dan
  14. Anthony, Thank you for your compliment. It was a long wait for me to get this thing. I dreamed about this boat for years, I couldnt afford it then, I finally was able to save up enough money for it. By the way I do have a question and I figured you'd be the one to ask, how do the duck bills work? Do they ever rott out or ever go bad. I never had these before, I always had the plugs. And also were all STV hin #'s etched into the boat. Thats how mine is and after that it says race boat. Just curious. Thanks Dan
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