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    Yeah That is my 1st V-21. If I'd had somewhere to put it I woulda bout it back. 4 boats now and wife woulda killed me. Wally did replace the transom in it right before I bought it. It will be as strong as it was when it was brand new if its been taken care of since I let it go. Dont know how it will do with the 300 on it but Gary James in NC with a yellow V-21 put a regular 20" 300 on his for a short time and said it was a beast. That boat you have is a little bit heavier than the later ones but rode better than my last one. Good luck and please let me know if you ever part with it. I still love to get it back one day and I'll leven give ya what ya paid for it. Scott Tharpe

    Looking for PINK & Black STV

    No thats not it mine was Pink on top black on bottom 1990 ski. Drew you're right about the names of the two drivers. I thought one of them was driving a black and pink boat??? If not I'm not familiar with it. In the early 90 (94-95) it was at Walley"s shop under a cover. The only Black and Pink one I know of around here use to belong to a guy named Jeff I believe. Thats about the time I started getting into HP boats. I think Roger and Rusty still have theirs and he is correct neither were black and pink and Rogers was a Mod-VP
  3. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JUNE 8,9 & 10 GA/SC Clarks Hill Rally These dates are set and due to the fact the resort enjoys us holding our rally there so much, lodge rates for this years event will again be 75.00 per night if reserved before May 8. After that they will be the regular rate of 99.00 per night. Those of you that have came in the past know this is a first class resort and the accommodations are very nice. They offer a lot of family activities as well as two bedroom townhouses. These sleep about 6 people and the rate for these is 175.00 a night. The rooms will go fast so please don’t wait until last minute. Call 1-800-544-8912 and Tell them you’re with the Boat Rally to reserve. http://www.savannahlakesresort.com We are in the process of obtaining the necessary permits from SC DNR and the US Army Corp. of ENG. to run drags this year. We are looking at 1000' right now and not sure exactly where they are gonna let us run. We may be able to do it right in front of the resort or might have to revert back to the "PLAYGROUND". Traffic and wind concerns are the drawbacks of using the BIGWATER. There was disappointment within the group last year since we got shut down but it will be different this year. We will have a dive/rescue team and paramedics on site and there is a very good possibility we will have a designated patrol boat also so please be prepared. Covered and uncovered wet storage is available 30 yards from the resort rooms. Call 1-864-391-3477 to reserve these. The T-60 grill is under new management so service will be much better this year. It has a very nice atmosphere and is literally on the refurbished beach. They have flat screens inside and out and Karaoke at night for all you singers. We will be doing a Poker Run again this year with a prize to the winner. There is no charge for this and it will take place Saturday morning, hopefully returning to the resort around noon for a GROUP LUNCH. We will also be giving away a prize for the “LONG HAUL AWARD”. Savannah Lakes has fuel and Amoco is available on the water about 4miles down the lake. There may be a fuel truck on hand but that hasn’t been finalized yet. The last two years DINOMITE has arranged for an awesome air show over the lake by a pilot whose is ranked in the top 5 in the country. Don’t know if we’ll be that fortunate this year but we are working on some other activities and will also post when finalized. More details will be posted as available so please stay tuned. Also please send any questions you have DIRECTLY TO ME about any of this. Please DO NOT call the RESORT. We look forward to seeing everyone again and welcome all that missed last years. Hopefully mother nature will cooperate and everyone will get to see the beautiful lake we get to enjoy. Safe Boating, Scott


    DUPLICATE I got lucky that he did duplicate one. I had a 1993 which was about the third one he built. I was gonna have him build me a new one but checked traderonline.com for the hell of it and what do ya know. There was my exact boat just a newer model all the way in MN. Some people don't believe it is a different boat. My old one had the hockey sticks design on the deck. My new one has the triangles. Man that was a long drive but every bit worth it. My old one went to up north. I would have never sold it to someone local. Will post some pics on the other thread.