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  1. Is the hatch white or black and how much does it weigh. Thanks
  2. check'n in!

    Nice Pics gotta love that flat water.
  3. STV race hatch

    Yep the dollars good john , he's building a top secret laser motor to run you down with next spring. lol Jeff

    I'm not much good at guessing, clue us in i like spending money especially on boat parts, pm me if that is easier. Thanks
  5. Prop Spacers

    Mikej i had sent him an email a while back and he said he didn't think he was making them anymore, I'd like to get a couple from him if he still makes them. Thanks
  6. 280OS:Silver Dust on burnt exhaust below snout?

    Brian if your looking for a spare powerhead, I've got a couple of nice ones you can take your pick, I'll make you a good deal.
  7. Happy Birthday Iverson!

    Dave I'd like to make it down but its a long haul, I was gonna go to jasper but we'll see how things look. Leftovers well once i get some modified power on the boat we'll see how things work out , i like to race so it doesn't really matter who it is and its all in good fun anyway and yep i did lose quite a few races in crosby before the boat was setup. I'm looking for a big cleaver if anybody has anything they want to part with.

    yep its heavier, its got more room for the women to ride with you though. lol

    So far so good, just getting used to it, but I'm gonna race it again this weekend and see what happens, i definitely noticed the weight difference compared to the Euro. Jeff
  10. Let the STV SRV rebuild begin.

    Any pics of the 22 talon that was being built. Thanks
  11. Some STV pics from Crosby MN

    Yep its a 2001 Triad Euro its my old boat.

    Well sold the Euro and bought a 2004 Triad River Rocket so here's a pic
  13. Welcome Jon Graff

    Hey John good to see you guys on the weekend, here's a pic from steves place on saturday, see you at bobs. Jeff
  14. Merc A48 Ecu for sale nice shape $ 500 , also have a lightweight merc cowl for sale with the pan for $ 400. Plus shipping on both items. I can email pics for anyone interested. Thanks Jeff
  15. Ocean's River Rocket

    Post some pictures I didn't know Jc's was still working on gearcases, I'm interested to see what mods were done. Thanks Jeff