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  1. I've got a 500lbs 3.1 EFI Yamaha on my V21 and it runs great. Wally told me tha tthe motor was not ideal for it but with some mild set up work it runs great. It's not the fastest thing on the planet but it runs 90+ on 87 pump gas and can get right at 5MPG on a long cruise. I'm a happy sucker. JUst keep the set back to around 6 in and you will be fine.
  2. Thank you! It's a 1995 but it didn't get used a lot for most of it's life. I'm changing that! So far it's running 88-90 but I am still working on the gearcase. I have thinned & shortened the skeg as these HPDI gearcases have a hell of a slab of aluminum for a skeg. It's HUGE! It turns a 26ET 6800 on 1.75 gears. LOVE the boat! I want to see if I can get it to run 93-94 with stock power then I may start messing with the powerhead a bit. You have a nice rig there as well. Tray Archer told me that you were considering selling it. Think long and hard about that... They are getting rare!
  3. A couple of pics of my V-21. Stock Yamaha VMax 225 power.
  4. What the hell Randy! Why ya selling out? I hate to see it go but it is a damn nice rig. If it didn't have the off brand motor on the back I might be interested...
  5. How's this one... Casey Gudgell took this one of 3 Triads on Lake Travis. Jason Smouse, Casey Clausen & me in my Yamaha powered V21.
  6. First day on the water with the new rig...
  7. Does it give you an error message???
  8. I finally took the plunge! Pics of my ride 1995 model, 2001 V-MAX 225 Yamaha. I'm a happy man now!
  9. I'm putting carpet in LilRiders's V-21 now and MAN WHAT A JOB... But it's coming out good and I am looking forward to putting the seats back in very soon and getting this rig back on the water. I'll post some pics of it this week I hope. I't's looking LOOOOOTS better.
  10. Yep. He does. It's the 1998 I touched on. Nice looking boat and he has pics over on ByuBoyz. Where is that blue one from? It has nicer front seats than Lil' Rider's 1997 model. Anyone know? That accounts for 3 & maybe 4 of them. Cool...
  11. Wally sais he only made 5 of the bowriders so where are they now????? One 1997 model is now under resto back in South Texas. There is a 1998 model in Wiggins Ms. Next??? I am just curious how many of these are left and in service??? Russ Rogers Ft Worth TX
  12. I would upload but the pics I have are all way too big. Check out the pics on ByuBoyz... Russ Rogers
  13. There will be another V-21 Malibu coming back to life after nearly being destroyed by the Geargia DNR. It's rough but is now being resurrected. One of only 5 bowriders made... An E-bay find gone goooood. Russ Rogers
  14. Rusrog

    18ft stv

    Yep. That Yamaha should have 2:1 gears. I have a few things that will make it run a bit better as well. Let me know if you are interested as I have been cleaning out my stash and have some good parts. Russ Rogers Ft Worth TX
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