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  1. rob, boat is looking good you bringin that to the rumble this year???? i have to ask ... is that a custom foot throttle???? dan
  2. Who's in for jasper?? where ya staying?
  3. i heard jeff yammer bought a boat!
  4. stvmatt, hey thanks for the kind words. Are you in for Kosh?
  5. man i wish i lived closer
  6. Lake Kosh Speed Runs the weekend of the 20th of August....Who is gonna be there?
  7. hey rob did you get any pictures??
  8. whoa gotta love those polecats
  9. kenny you have one sweet boat thanks again for the ride
  10. firestarter, Who is bring - what????
  11. What is this little red thing??
  12. just can't wait to see the darn thing!
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