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    What happens if you

    [attachmentid=1679] Heres a pic of our Buddy Acie the 2004 Progas High points Champion running in the Ball Park of 117 , when his skeg broke ..You guys have probably seen this, but the Boat did a left hand 540 degree turn.. By the grace of the good lord, acie just got some bumps and bruises, boat the Boat stayed upright suffered only minor stuff... Acie went out the next day with a new gearcase and never lost a pass , and in that field thats saying something........also says Wally can build a badace boat!
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    What does your boat weight

    94 PoleCat 1425 with me 215 and no Fuel 93 Ski Racer 1464 with Me and No Fuel My Brother has an STV Sprint with ProComp top Deck that weighs an astonishing 1160 with him in it , fully rigged , no fuel... He will be running 1400 Modified pro later this year.....
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    Here ya Go!

    [attachmentid=1678][attachmentid=1678] Heres the Ski Racer....
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    Here ya Go!

    Thank you very much... Yall Have a good one!
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    Here ya Go!

    Well Anthony came onto Byuboyz, so i registered on this site.. Heres a pic of my Mirages... 93 Collins Built Ski Racer 94 Collins Modified Pole Cat The pic of both of them running was at the Winternationals that we host in Houston. My Wife Jolene is Driving the Ski Racer, and lets just say she didnt take it easy on anyone at this exhibition test session! Will be running DSRA Super Stock with the Polecat. And 1400 Modified Production later in the year! C-ya Todd