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  1. This Action Alert was issued through the Florida Recreation Action Network by Standing Watch. For more information regarding Standing Watch, please visit. http://www.standing-watch.org Please help support this public access issue campaign across all recreational user groups. Because there is strength in numbers and your favorite outdoor recreation interest might be next to need collateral support. Stand together or hang divided. URGENT ! Time Sensitive STANDING WATCH ACTION ALERT Posted: Friday, August 19, 2005 Subject: INCREASE WATER ACCESS, ELIMINATE OR EXPAND THE 40:1 RATIO The Governor and Cabinet will be voting next week (TUESDAY, August 23) on an access issue of importance to all waterway users. They will vote whether to change the Department of Environmental Protection's "18-21" Rule, which regulates how many boat slips can be built, and how much submerged land can be "pre-empted" by docks and boats. This applies primarily to multiple unit residential construction. To quickly, easily and almost effortlessly take Action and for more information on this issue, please visit the Online Campaign web page on the Florida Recreation Action Network. CLICK ON THIS URL TO TAKE ACTION NOW. http://capwiz.com/fran/utr/2/?a=7953736&i=1234 If your email program does not recognize the URL as a link, copy the entire URL and paste it into your Web browser. Florida Recreation Action Network (FRAN) E-mail: info@f-r-a-n.org Web: http://www.f-r-a-n.org
  2. Jeb signed HB 955 & HB 989! Thanks to all!Now we need to focus on HB 759,It will streamline the permiting process.
  3. Click on the links in the above posts to automaticly send letters to the Govenor in support of these bills.They went to his desk on Wed.,5/26,so he will take action shortly.I have attached the text of the bills for those of you who want to read them. HB989.pdf HB955.pdf
  4. This is from Standing Watch; Ask Governor Jeb Bush to sign HB 989 Posted Monday, May 16, 2005 HB 0989 Relating to Public Marinas/Boat Ramps/DEP Mayfield Public Marinas/Boat Ramps/DEP; directs DEP to adopt rules to authorize local governments to construct & maintain all facilities, including public marinas & boat ramps; exempts certain facilities from development-of-regional-impact review; provides for regulatory criteria & for use of submerged lands; revises permit exemption requirements for floating vessel platforms or floating boat lifts. Amends 373.118, 403.183. EFFECTIVE DATE: 07/01/2005. THE GOVERNOR IS STILL THREATENING TO VETO HB 989! WE MUST GET CARDS AND LETTERS AND/OR EMAILS TO HIM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Here is the message: I AM A FLORIDA BOATER. I SUPPORT HB 989. THIS BILL HAD UNANIMOUS SUPPORT OF BOTH DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS EVERYTIME IT WAS VOTED UPON ON THE HOUSE AND SENATE FLOOR. WE ARE LOSING WATER ACCESS EVERY DAY AND THIS BILL WILL HELP US GET THE BOAT RAMPS AND PARKING LOTS WE SO DESPERATELY NEED. IT KEEPS THESE IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN WHICH WE ALSO NEED. PLEASE SIGN HB 989. Jeb Bush, Governor jeb.bush@myflorida.com 850 / 488-4441 850 / 487-0801 (fax) Executive Office of the Governor 400 S. Monroe Street The Capitol Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0001
  5. Florida Boaters Alert! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2288,1316,and several other bills were rolled into 2 bills,HB955 and HB989. These 2 bills address many boating issues in Florida such as construction and funding of ramps and marinas.They were passed by the legislature and have gone to the Govenor to be signed.The environmental extremists are fighting this signing and we ALL need to take the time to write him in support of these bills.Time is short! Here is more info and an easy way to respond; http://ga1.org/campaign/HB989/ http://ga1.org/campaign/HB955SB1316/ This is from the Marine Industries Association of Florida. Urge Governor Jeb Bush to sign HB955 Working Waterfront Legislation House Bill 955 addresses a major issue facing Florida today, preserving public access to Floridas waterways. This bill is important to the State of Florida to protect the $15.7 billion generated by marine industries in this state and its 180,000 jobs. This bill has been a work in progress for two years and is the first step in protecting public access for future generations. House Bill 955 includes the following provisions relating to Working Waterfronts: 1. The bill prioritizes the need to recognize the benefits generated by marinas and other working public waterfront businesses before they are lost to future generations. 2. House Bill 955 defines recreational and commercial working waterfronts. 3. While requiring coastal communities to encourage the preservation of recreational and commercial working waterfronts in their comprehensive plan. It also encourages expanding the Waterfront Florida Program within the Department of Community Affairs and providing funding. 4. HB 955 requires the Department of Environmental Protection and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to study the current uses of state parks and identify possible opportunities for recreational boating within those parks. 5. The bill also recognizes the importance of our waterways for engaging in commerce. 6. Establishes a tax deferral program for qualified recreational and commercial working waterfronts by providing much needed relief for escalating waterfront property values. Please take a few moments of your time and fill out the following email to Governor Jeb Bush asking him to please sign House Bill 955 into law! Urge Governor Jeb Bush to sign HB989, Marinas & Boat Ramps Legislation House Bill 989 relating to Public Marinas/Boat Ramps/DEP is going to Governor Bush for his approval and needs your support! Please take time to read this message and email the Governor to let him know that you support this very important piece of legislation! House Bill 989, Public Marinas/Boat Ramps/DEP, by Representative Stan Mayfield is a very important piece of legislation dealing with public access to Floridas waterways and does the following. The bill amends Florida Statute 373.118 relating to General Permits. Requires the department to adopt by rule one or more general permits for local governments to construct, operate, and maintain public marina facilities, public mooring fields, public boat ramps, including associated courtesy docks and associated parking facilities located in uplands. Exempts a facility authorized under this permit from the development of regional impact if it complies with the comprehensive plan. The facility must comply with manatee protection plan and must obtain Clean Marina Program status. Limits the marina or mooring field not to exceed 50,000square feet over wetlands and other surface waters. Facilities permitted under this law must be constructed, maintained and operated in perpetuity for the exclusive use of the general public. The effective date is July 1, 2005. The bill also contains the FWCC legislative package for 2005 including changes to the Boating Advisory Council. The other FWCC changes of interest to MIAF are the additions of boat access and working waterfronts to the responsibilities of the Council for recommendations to FWCC. Please take time to email Governor Bush the following letter respectfully requesting his favorable approval of House Bill 989!
  6. Thanks Wayne,I'll be in touch.This is supposed to be fun and when the fun leaves so do the people.
  7. This reply is not directed at any one it's just my feelings about the subject. I'm new to the high performance outboard scene but not new to drag racing.I've raced both cars and motorcycles in amature and pro competition.I recently purchased a Mirage Ski Racer powered by a 260 with SVS,34cc heads,light flywheel,20"offshore mid,and 4 hole CLE. I know that I won't be competitive in the class,but I will go and race anyway,in local races at first,to learn.I don't mind losing because the fun of racing outweights all of that.(I've lost a lot of races and won my share.) Just being at the events is worth the entrance fee,the people are great and you can learn so much. I also feel safer running 100mph with EMTs close by... I'm sure I'll be like everyone else,I'll do everything I can to make my boat faster.Where does it end? Tractor trailer and 8 man crew........Only with GOOD sponsers and a boat load of money. Doug
  8. Awsome looking RR! What motor is on it?
  9. Here's mine; 95 Mirage Ski Racer/ 2.5 260
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