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  1. Here is another picture showing the interior & sun pad. Also included: full hydraulic steering, in floor cup holders, red anodized hardware & steering wheel with three trim & tilt buttons on steering wheel. Hopefully these pictures work - we are new to posting pictures.
  2. First of all we are not getting out of boating. We are upgrading to a 26 ft tunnel probably? The boat is at S.T.V. because two minor stress cracks appeared and Robby stated that this easily could be repaired down at the shop. He originally made the boat and did the gel work. They are not currently making boats but Robby plans to look into possibilites. He is helping with the new 26ft tunnel boat but not at the S.T.V. plant. We are asking $22,900. or best offer for the way it sits. I will try to post a picture of the dash and interior later. It is a 4 seater with a custom made sunpad on the back. It does have all monster gauges and a GPS speedometer with recalls for tach and speedo. Top guide foot throttle, glove compartment and a fairly light layup but not too light! It also has the tandem custom Hustler trailer with spare and stainless hardware. If anyone has any questions just E-mail us @ Jgraff@charter.net. Jon & Dawn Graff
  3. Thanks flatoutally for posting those pictures. I have'nt quite figured out how to do this yet so I rely on Dawn.
  4. We have decided to sell our new Red river rocket! It is corrently at Wally's S.T.V. plant with no motor. I can either sell it there or bring it back to Minnesota. I will post pics. later. It is red, white and black and is currently rigged for a merc. All gauges,custom cover and tandem trailer are included. No power. Absolutely new! Either e-mail us with questions or I'll check the site when I can! Hopefully pictures soon? Jon & Dawn Graff
  5. If you have any questions regarding the Gull Lake gathering please feel free to contact us at--- Home Phone # = 1-218-829-4545 or if no answer Cell Phone # = 1-218-839-7884 Or just leave a message on either #. Hope to see everyone soon! Jon, Dawn & Mitzi
  6. We are currently waiting on a few other hotel rates. We will post these as soon as they get back to us on pricing and availability. They do require an estimated amount of rooms to block off so if possible, contact us if you can make it. Jon, Dawn & Mitzi
  7. Hotel Information AmericInn Lodge & Suites 218-829-3080 Hwy 371 North Baxter MN 56425 Double Queen rooms available $85.00/night Includes continental breakfast Pool Econolodge 218-828-0027 11617 Andrew St (Business Hwy 371) Brainerd MN 56401 Double Queen rooms available $79.99/night Includes microwave & continental breakfast No Pool Country Inn & Suites 218-828-2161 15058 Dellwood Dr N Hwy 371 North Baxter MN 56425 Double Queen rooms available $ Includes continental breakfast
  8. MARK H. At the end of last season I once again blew up my mercury. I beleive this is at least #4? Randy had just received 2 new Yamaha 250s and had already rigged one on a checkmate. We decided at this time to go with a brand new motor with just slight modifications for better dependability. Like I stated earlier, we both love how this yammi performs and should be very reliable. I have never gone back for tacos since then! That sort of scared me away when they don't even have running water! I do beleive J.Ferrel is the only one who really likes the place. Do'nt ask me why? I guess we did survive the ordeal though. Also the beer I drank came from who no's where? If you can make the Gull Lake event it would be great to see you again. It sounds like quite a few can make it. It's always great just to meet other hot boaters who enjoy the sport. Jon, Dawn & Mitzi
  9. Pro Comp; We just came in off the lake. The yammi is running excellant and into 100 plus area anytime we want to. It is a base 250 with a Titus gearcase on it. We're running the same 4 inch setback we had on the merc. I'm still breaking the motor in. It calls for 15 hour breakin period in the manual. We are running a 32 pitch bravo 1 at about 6300 rpm during short bursts on the lake. So far we love it! So does Mitzi. It's much quieter than our previous motors. I'm sure you will see it when you come here for our gathering. We still have room available. Hope to see you then! Jon, Dawn & Mitzi
  10. Here is a tentative agenda for the weekend! Hotel, motel & campsite information will be added later. Jon, Dawn & Mitzi AGENDA Friday, August 18, 2006 7:00 p.m. Ramada Inn parking lot - Meet & greet. Everyone can get checked into their rooms and make plans for the following morning. Drinks and dinner arrangements for Friday evening can be decided on at that time. We will have some spare room available at our home and Greg Fedler also stated he could put up a few. We also have room in our yard to pitch a tent or set up a camper and Mike & Grace Hurst also have some camping area available. E-mail us if interested. If any one can make it earlier, we can go boating at a local lake until 6:00 or 6:30. Saturday, August 19, 2006 7:00 a.m. Everyone meet for breakfast at a pre-determined location. 9:00 a.m. Hopefully we can all launch our boats and start touring the upper Gull Lake Chain before the lake gets too busy. We really need to start this tour early so we can enjoy the ride before the lake gets busy. 12:00 noon Bar Harbor - lunch on their outside patio. They have quite a few docking sites available and it is reasonable in price and a fantastic view of the channels. Also this is a NO WAKE zone to protect our boats from any dock damage. After lunch we can all cruise down the west shoreline to tour the Maddens/Craguns bay and then Wilson bay also. Depending on the wind conditions, we can decide where we can all anchor our boats and enjoy the company. From here we can decide where we all would like to have dinner and drinks that evening. There are several places on the lake or we can load the boats and head into town. We will have some suggestions depending how many of us can make it? Nightlife can follow for those of you who would like to go out!!! All times are subject to change so don’t worry if you’re late. Call us and we will meet up later if needed. Sunday, August 20, 2006 9:00 a.m. Meet for breakfast (hopefully for all who don’t have to leave early) at a pre-determined location. After this we can decide on where to try boating that morning. We have many lakes available in the area and would love to show you as many as possible. Really no time schedule this day. We’ll all see how we feel and what the weather conditions permit. We sure hope as many people as possible can attend this Get Together. Please e-mail if interested so we can get an approximate count on who we can expect. We hope to see you Aug 18, 19 & 20!!!
  11. Pro Comp: I'm fresh out of river rockets but randy may have some available? Two people have already wanted mine this season. I"m running a 250 PRO V Yamaha on it now. So far very fast and dependable! Mitzi loves the quiet.
  12. Also regarding the get together. We are currently working on an agenda for both fri, sat & sun for those who can stay. We are planning to tour the Gull Lake Chain in the morning hours, meet for lunch at possibly Bar Harbor, tour the south end of main Gull and meet at a sandpoint or island to meet & greet everyone that can attend. We will also have an evening dinner planned at a local restaurant. For those of you who will need rooms, we are currently checking on local hotel rates in the area and will post them soon! If anyone has any questions just e-mail us. We will post more information soon! Jon, Dawn & Mitzi
  13. We found it necessary to change the dates of the Gull Lake get together - the prior dates we had picked are the same and the NHRA Nationals at BIR. So we pushed the Gull Lake get together back one week to August 18th & 19th. I hope this date will work for most everyone. Thanks, Dawn & Jon
  14. Hi Everyone! We are planning the Gull Lake get together for the weekend of August 18th & 19th. I hope you all can join us for a weekend of boating fun! Dawn & Jon & Mitzi
  15. Regarding NHRA race weekend? If this is that weekend we will postpone this get together for August 18, 19 due to the fact of 90,000 extra people in the brainerd lakes area! We thought NHRA was August 18, 19 this year. We definitely do'nt want it that weekend!! Jon, Dawn & Mitzi
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