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    bottom mods

    Helmut, Is that a current picture? Looks kinda like my boat looks right now as far as paint and body. I'm hoping to get the bottom sprayed and cleared today. I found that it was a pain in the @ss to paint while flipped. So, I did what you suggested and flipped it back right side up and have it in the air with two hydraulic engine lifts. It is way easier to spray all the angles on the bottom of the Euro now. What are you doing with the bottom of yours? Edwin
  2. RC51

    Steering Set Up Options

    Keith, What's the advantage to having the duel apposed over duel on the same side? Is one any safer that the other? It seems to me that if one of the bolts broke on either set up the end result would be the same. You would be using the one cable with the good bolt to push and pull instead of one cable to push and one to pull, right? This is a good thread. I've been thinking of doing the hydraulic thing. But, if the two cable thing is considered safe I may stick with it. It wasn't until this season I have been running over 110 and I have been concerned about the steering safety. My first run in my boat this season after breaking the fresh motor in resulted in a scary ride when my mid section broke at 100 with three people in the boat. Thankfully nobody was hurt or thrown from the boat. It did do a hard right and come to an instant stop. It did spook me to say the least. One things for sure, I would not want that happening at speeds in excess of 110. As you all know, there is a HUGE difference between 100 and 110 plus. Looking forward to hearing some more on the safety of the duel cable steering both standard and apposed. Myself, like Keith have no problem man handling the wheel. My motivation in doing the hydraulic steering is safety, not ease of turning. But, the ease of turning is a purk that I will glady welcome.
  3. RC51

    Steering Set Up Options

    Thanks ProComp. I'll check out that thread from S & F.
  4. RC51

    Steering Set Up Options

    FYI I talked with Latham and they offer two systems for the outboards. One is self contained and the other is full power. Self contained unit it $3,600 ish w/out all hardware, lines or wheel. The full power unit is $5,800 ish the same way. So, you can bet you'll spend another $ 500.00 or more on hardware, lines and a wheel. The cost of that set up makes the IMCO sound cheap. Oh, and they told me that they shoot for having four turns lock to lock. But, it can vary depending on a few different factors. IMCO told me that there system is 2.5 turns lock to lock. So, based on a few phone calls it sound like the IMCO is more bang for the buck. IMCO also told me that there mounting system adds so much strength to the assembly that it takes all kinds of stress of the motor mounts. I would like to see what a set up looks like on an STV. I'm sure it looks nice. Anyway, thought someone would want to know.
  5. RC51

    Steering Set Up Options

    Just got off the phone with the guys from IMCO. Nice guys. I priced out the complete system turn key w/out fluid and it was $3,014 plus tax and shipping. WOW! I'd wouldn't be telling the truth if I said I didn't experience some sticker shock. In addition to that he wasn't sure if the helm would fit. He told me that the helm is rather large and some of the smaller boats have issues with them fitting. I'm going to price out some of the other choices. I could stomach spending close to 2k. But over 3K is a bit much, for me anyway. One things for sure. It must be quite an awsome set up for that kind of money. He did tell me that the price included all the fittings including the through transom fitting and all four hoses. Sounds nice. But, $$$$$$$
  6. RC51

    Steering Set Up Options

    STVMATT, So, what do you think the best set up is? Taking into consideration safety, boat feel and ease of turning. Thanks
  7. RC51

    Steering Set Up Options

    Death, WOW! That's serious. I guess those words can change a guys mind about a product. In that case is there a complete set up that you would recommend for the Euro (death not included) ProComp, thanks for the complement!
  8. RC51

    Steering Set Up Options

    What's wrong with running the entire Sea Star set up? I have been getting closer with the set up on my Euro and was planning on putting on the Sea Star unit when I get it perfect. What are the pros and cons to the side ram or the front mounted ram? Is there a preference? If so, what? Thanks for the feedback.
  9. RC51

    My Euro 95'

    Thanks, Glad you like the graphics. I bought the boat a few years ago on S&F and the graphics were already on. The boat was totally misrepresented. So, I have been working out all the problems over the last few years. I am glad to say that that I'm just about done with it. As a matter of fact I took the boat up to John Marles (US1) so he could run the motor this past Sunday. I had him go through the entire motor and do his magic to it. He is a great guy to work with. Once I hung the motor back on the boat he wanted to be the first guy to start it to make sure everything was perfect on it. So, when I was up there he ran the motor for about an hour and a half constently checking all the vitals. Thankfully, eveything was perfect. I'll be taking it out tomorrow and this weekend to complete the break in procedure. It's been a long project. I've literally replaced everything on the boat from gauges, shifter, lower unit, stereo system, jack plate, handles, fuel intel, heads, crank, PCU, Injectors, Simon Alt kit, Installed a Bimini Top, repainted the cowl, completely redid trailer and plenty I have forgotten. It's been a real learning experience that don't regret. I really enjoy the boat and I'm looking forward (hopefully) to a hastle free season. The picture was taken on the Colorado River near Yuma in a place called Martinez. My goal is to figure out the set up so I can get up closer to the 120 MPH mark. I shoud have plenty of power now with the new motor. I sometimes just wonder who's telling the truth about there top speed. Last season I thought my motor was running real good and could only get 107 out of it with a real 30 ET. Seems way off from what others are getting. Time will tell. First I'll need to break the motor in. I guess it's more about set up then motor. Unfortunately there is nobody out this way with an STV. So, I've been doing everything by trial and error. Wish I could run into a buch of people out on the water with them so they could give me some pointers on set up. I hear there are a few out at Lake Havasu. That's only about two hours past where I usually go. I may have to go out there to see some others this season. Thanks again for the complements.
  10. RC51


    Here's my 95' Euro
  11. RC51

    My Euro 95'

    Sorry, thought I was putting this in readers rides. I'll try again.
  12. RC51

    EGT, too hot and why?

    Keith, Ok, I see what you're trying to do. Well, I wish you luck. Keep us posted.
  13. RC51

    EGT, too hot and why?

    Keith, Glad to hear you're getting your boat up to speed. I don't know if you remember. But, I've talked to you a few times and you were very happy with your PCU the last time we talked. So, I went from my A48 to a PCU. So far I really like it. I was wondering why you're running the A48 and not your PCU? I just had John completely rebuild my 260 and do all his goodies to it. Should have way more power. He told me he likes the A48's. I'm bringing my boat up to his shop this weekend. He's going to fire it up and then we're going to a local lake to break it in. I haven't even started it up since the complete rebuild. I'm really looking forward to hearing it run. Anyway, just wondering why you're not running the PCU. Did you try it compared to the A48? If so what happened. Thanks for the inpute. Edwin
  14. RC51

    Charging Problem? SIMONize it!

    I put one on my Euro Ski last season and it works perfect. I live about 30 minutes from Simon. So, I was able to just go and pick it up. I got back last night from the river which was my first trip this season. Over off season I put in a big system and really put the kit to the test. I can say that even after running the tunes full blast for three hours at the sand bar it lit right up and always showed a full charge. The kit is bitchn. My trip came to a hult on Sunday evening when an ear broke off my prop. Freaked my out at first. Didn't know what happened. I thought something was wrapped around the prop. I jumped into the water to take a look and saw an entire ear missing. Tripped me out. So, if someone has a good 26 Hoss for sale let me know I need another one. Anyone know why that may have happened?