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    I am looking for a mercury 14.5X26 ET prop for small shaft in decent shape. Also, looking for a 14.5X30 3 blade cleaver in decent shape. Thanks.
  2. Anybody interested..... Looking for Quartershot T-4 and Mirage Ski racer 90-96 vintage. Thanks. Eric, Randy Reinke (Aquaholic) a member of this board just listed his Euro/Merc 2.5/260 for sale on Scream and Fly, in the hulls 20' and under. Check it out, and give him a call. He runs a prop shop, known as the Prop Doctor outside of Branson ,Missouri. Shop Number is 417-779-3357. There are some pictures of his Euro on this board, in Readers Rides page 45, photo 2 & 3. Hope this helps. Lloyd ←
  3. I am looking for an stv euro or river rocket (4-seater). 1992 or newer in good shape (rigged with Merc). If anyone is thinking about selling or knows someone who is; please email me ejpristia@hotmail.com or call me at (925) 759-6976. Thanks, Eric
  4. I am looking at an 1996 stv euro. I was wondering if this is a good year or not. It has a 225 promax on it. Thanks, Eric
  5. I am looking for an STV procomp or euro (Years 92 and newer). It has to be a four seater with power or without. If the boat has power I would prefer to have a 2.5 (260 or 280). I live in California and would have it shipped depending on location. Either contact me through email ejpristia@hotmail.com or call me at (925) 759-6976. Thank you.
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