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  1. stvhelm

    bottom mods

    ' Yes. since then there have been other bottom mods made that give the same effect, I suspect this boat won't be as fast as Helmuts other one. But who knows, this one has a STRAIGHT bottom. you know I had that impression when i first drove it. when i had my other stv a bone stock 96' 260 with newer 814141 rods and weisco's would go 115. Then when i got this boat it had a bone stock 95' 260 with the early style mahle pistons and big 5250 rods it would only go about 111. then i went and cut some exhaust chest & rod slots and put the svs on and it did 119. 119 is what my other boat did with this same particular 15x32 lab cleaver. the good 14.5 x 32 double lab got destroyed that I went 120's with. I think I have the motor about where i want it now with the new lighter rotating assemby. I should pick up a few r's and get 120's with this prop. I just bought like 6 lab props to play with from 32 -34 but first things first. I just want to see this boat out perform my other stv with the same prop and engine setup before I go changing props. weathers been holding me up
  2. stvhelm

    bottom mods

    That pic is from 2000 when it was built. and yes it was waynes boat. The bottom dont look like that now. Its all gelcoat and if you didnt know any better you'd think it was pulled from the mold like that. I noticed right away the boat leaves alot quicker than my last euro but up top I cant really say. my 98 euro was a ski bottom and this is a modified mod vp. I have this motor pretty close to where I had my last motor now so I guess I'll find out if its faster. I even have a prop that I ran before too so it should be a good comparison.
  3. stvhelm

    bottom mods

    Did Triad do this bottom mod to any other stv's or just mine?
  4. stvhelm


    Last run of the year
  5. stvhelm


    I lost my prop along with the shaft at 118 and the boat slowed down better than when it had a prop
  6. stvhelm

    Hull ID numbers

    Im looking for possible materials used, light or standard layup, boat number, (I didnt find that on your link)
  7. stvhelm

    real cool stv euro video

    yeah the day started nice but we headed straight to lunch and after lunch the wind kicked up like 15-25mph. we made the best of it I had the camera in my right hand and steered with my left
  8. stvhelm

    real cool stv euro video

    to play the rapid share file... click matts link then scroll down and click free and at the bottom of that page wait a few seconds for your link to show up and click the link for video
  9. stvhelm

    Hull ID numbers

    what information can be obtained from the hull ID number besides the builder and build date? does anyone know how to decode it?
  10. stvhelm

    New (to me) STV ModVP ... handling issues

    Wot bounce Try a different prop. I know what wot throttle bounce is, and at 120 it'll drive you nuts. there is no correct trim for it. its either to far up or to far down with the slightest tap of the button. Ive tried several props and I had 2 props that ran good speeds but could not be trimmed right no matter what height. I have a hydraulic jackplate and tried every possible combo.
  11. stvhelm

    Interior pedal mounting ?

    Thanks, that sounds like a great idea. Would that work the same for the left foot pedal? I have the in control throttle installed already and want to install one on the left side with trim control, for the left foot. Does that make sence? ← Im sure it would work for your left foot too. just curious..why not trim buttons on the steering wheel?
  12. stvhelm

    Ocean's 2.5xs powered Euro

    hey' I'll be around wed night. I want to take it for a ride. we'll get it going for sure
  13. stvhelm

    Interior pedal mounting ?

    I mounted my gas pedal this way and it worked great. get a piece of flat aluminum slightly larger than the base of your foot rest and drill and tap some holes so you can mount the pedal to it. you'll have to cover both sides of all holes with a small piece of masking tape and mark their location with marker to find the holes later on and keep the threads clean. pull up your carpet and glass the plate down. clear the glass off the holes with a dremel or something then lay the carpet back down and screw your pedal down. you may have to trim your mounting screws to the exact length. when all is said and done it looks clean and there are no unnecessary holes in the boat. good luck
  14. stvhelm

    Two STV's

    Im pretty sure you just found one. brandon said the euro posted in this thread will be for sale after its rigged
  15. stvhelm

    Euro setups

    Randy, Im just curious what pitch Tritons you are running. I had and old 30 hoss I slung a blade off that I thought was a good wheel. I never really had the chance to compare them with the cleaver as far as top speed goes. whats different about the x prop? I'd like to give one a whirl now after hearing how well they run. who do I need to see about getting one?