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  1. Well we did it again. First I want to thank everyone that participated. We couldnt do it without you guys and gals. We had a slightly smaller than expected attendance but all went very well. Some of the past participants did not show but we did see many new faces this year. We did prop testing with Merc on Monday morning and it went very smooth. The fastest speeds clocked came from a great running STV River Rat with a 2.5 at 111 MPH. Great job Bruce, that boat of your hauls the mail !!!!! We did a little boating on the big pond (Lake Winnebago) on the west shore in the afternoon. We went to Stretchs and hung out on the sand for a while. Monday night we had a get together dinner at Fisherman's Cove and had the first half of the charity auction. This came off very well. We auctioned off about $500 worth of stuff and had a great time doing it. Thumper was a great auctioneer. He is one high pressure salesman !!!! Tuesday morning we did the tour of Mercury High Perf. After the tour we were able to buy merchandise from the Merc trailer at great prices. Thank You to Mercury for that. It looks like we bought somewhere between $2,000 and $3,000 worth of goods off the trailer. Not bad for about 25 people !!!!!!! We ran the east shore of the big pond on Tuesday afternoon and introduced some new-comers to how rough the lake can get. We made it 1.3 miles from our anticipated stop 20 miles from out start in Fon Du Lac when we decided to turn around and hang out on the sand bar in Pipe. Wednesday we snuck the Poker Run in despite the storms. We got the boats loaded back up and made it to our lunch stop right before the weather hit again. After that we all went to Kiel to my house for a fry-out. We had the second half of the charity auction and sold even more stuff. We collected about $600 worth this time. Again Thumper did a great job. Steve A. looked like a drowned water rat after trying to fry all the brats, burgers and dogs in a monsoon storm. Thanks Amigo.. The March of Dimes kids showed up with the parents along with Chris Cain and others from March of Dimes. It was great to see them all again. They got to be part of the auction also. We had some of the kids do the bidding and we paid for the shirts and gave them to the kids. Great job everyone !!!!!!! The local newspaper showed up and took some group photos and took down the article that should be in this weeks paper (tomorrow). This will give hot boaters a good name. That is part of the reason for this event anyway. When all the dust settled we were able to give March of Dimes $1,350 as a donation. Although we had a slightly smaller crowd, the numbers came in that every person there donated 50% more than last year. Thats something I am very proud of all you guys and gals for. Give yourselves a big pat on the back for that. Just like last year, to further our donation, we have a bunch of pictures and videos again this year. (Over 300 photos this year) These will be burned to CD and sold for $20.00 a set. (It looks like there will be 2 CDs in a set this year, too much info for one CD) We did this last year and sold $700 worth. We gave half of the money to the 9/11 relief fund which was sent in with Scream and Flys donation. The other half went to march of Dimes. This year we expect to sell $1,000 worth which will go to March of Dimes. Please contact John Dorn here on the board if you are interested. We can also make more copies of last years if you want them. We will be putting up a more formal post with e-mail addresses etc. soon. Now I would like to make some special thanks for the people that helped keep my sanity and keep the event running smooth. First thank you to my girlfriend Janet Planet Hollywood for putting up with me and my schedule for the past month or so. Thanks to all the Amigos, Steve for the booklets and frying, Thumper for setting up the Poker Run (even if the second stop was closed, LOL) and for the great auctioning. Thanks to March of Dimes and Pete and Mindy Kause along with their sons Adam and Paul for getting us involved with this charity. Thanks to Nick and Lori Kaye for your extra support. Thanks to Scream & Fly (Greg Terzian) for the donation and introducing everyone. Without you we would not have this or many other events. I would especially like to thank all the following people and organizations for there donations for the charity auction. (not in any particular order) You guys made it possible to come up with a great donation again. JSRE (Jay Smith) Our friends at ODBA Marine Dynamics Irvine TX (Dave Berry) Fishin World Dallas TX (Key Puckett) Boatworks Ridgeland MS (Dewitt Deweese) Stovall Roofing Wetumpka AL (Shane Stovall) Genes Marine Wetumpka AL (Kim Cleckler) Marty Logans House of Colour Motorsports Harmons Graphics Hydrostream Boats (Jim Contzen) Brad Collins (rare items) Eddies Marine Kaptain Kirk Ken Warby Mr. Marine (Bob Lloyd) Matt and Michelle (Pierce99) Mercury Racing John Dorn for all the pictures Fisherman's Cove for the great service and food And last but not least Our Cunook friends for driving all that way (Jeff, Jody, brad, Belinda) If I missed anyone it was not intentional I promise. Thanks again to everyone and buy some CDs and help the kids now !!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Congrats to Mike and Grace. I hate to see them give up one of thier Hydrostreams but I know he will be happier (Along with Grace's back ) with the Euro on Lake Winnebago this season. I also know he will never sell the Vixon..... Can't wait to help ya get it rigged Mikey. Easter Sunday ain't that far away !!!!!!!!!!
  3. Balzy

    HEY HYDROstream FANS

    LOL, Big A, you da man. You should have seen Al Stoker's face when I met him for the first time last fall in Jasper. I walked up to him, Brad Collins introduced us and I said "Hi Al, nice to meet you, I always wanted to meet the guy that copied my HST bottom !!!!!!" He backed up a step or so and gave me this funny look. I started laughing and said "Just kidding, Just kidding" He started laughing then. He is a great guy. Still like that story. BTW, Hydrovector deserves the prize. he has been a Stream man all his life. Still can't believe he bought a Euro over a HST or a Virage........ I know he will be happy with the Euro. It will make a much better boat than the Vector for the water we run up here. Remember Mike, you gotta have it ready for Easter Sundy !!!!!!!! Like I told ya on the phone last night, Balz to the Wall Racing's new heated 5-car garage is waiting for your boats and the motor swap !!!!!!!!!!!!! See ya in Kiel !!!!!!!
  4. Balzy

    STV V-Hull

    As most of you know I am more of a Stream man but I know of a guy up here in WI that still runs a boat like that. i think he said it is 18'. he sid it runs pretty good but like Firewalker said, it gets a little flighty at higher speeds. Sorry I don't have any info on it other than that. Just know there is still one running around up here.
  5. Balzy

    HEY HYDROstream FANS

    Ok, Ok, Ya mean like this??? http://www.stvowners.com/cgi-bin....0542589 If I win it, give it to the next guy that completes this battle. You already gave me one and it's on one of my life jackets already. Like Hydrovector maybe, He has a Red Vixon that he will never sell and rumer has it he is buying a Blue and White Euro just to kick Nick's ass around the lake. So that red, white and blue patch will match his fleet better than mine anyway. Thanks Big A......
  6. Balzy

    HEY HYDROstream FANS

    Big A, Like that?
  7. Balzy

    HEY HYDROstream FANS

    No Way Anthony, gotta be a real Hydrostream !!!!!!!!! P.O. Box 22 Kiel, WI. 53042 Beat Ya Steve, Thanks to my buddy Nick giving me a phone call and a cable modem internet connection, again I am the fastest Amigo Greg, go back to your own board. LOL