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  1. Relaxing in the back seat of my STV watching boats go by at the Jasper, TN River Run on 10-11-2019. In the back ground is a good friend of mine Paul, in his New Jersey Speed Skiff. Donโ€™t see many of those boats in Kentucky. Couple of guys stopped by in a nice looking boat with triple Merc outboards. I chatted with them for a while. Finally one of them said do you know who this guy is (pointing to the guy in his boat). I said no. This is Wally Lamkin. I had no idea. ๐Ÿ˜Š Wally said he remembered my boat in his shop. Went to the ODBA 2019 Jasper, TN drag boat racing the next day. Had a great time that weekend. David Schabel
  2. I just stumbled on this post tonight that I started back on 2-2-2006. Just a quick update, I purchased that STV River Rocket on 10-17-2015 and still have it today. David Schabel Louisville, Kentucky Stretching the legs on the STV from a long winters nap. ๐Ÿ‘
  3. That boat would still look good even if it had an outboard with a tiller handle!
  4. Good view of stripes. [attachmentid=2085] Pic of back seat with no upholstery. [attachmentid=2086]
  5. The amount of views listed shows some interest. Here is a couple more pics. [attachmentid=2082] [attachmentid=2083]
  6. Thank you all for the feed back it is much appreciated. Any details on the motor? What is the width dimension inside the cockpit of the STV River Rocket, measuring across the inside of the top edge? Would like to know how wide it is inside for the front & back seat area. Dawn & Jon Graff, I hope you do not mind me asking about your boat or posting pictures, it is I bet a boat that most of us on this site would love to have. You did a great job with the rigging, it looks great. [attachmentid=2073]
  7. Thanks for the reply J. Iverson. I hope Jon Graff sees this and responds. It sure would be neat to see pics or hear about how it was finally rigged out. Here is a couple more pics. [attachmentid=2065] [attachmentid=2066]
  8. New STV River Rocket at the Allison 50th anniversary Just curious, does anyone have any information on the boat listed in picture below? I am interested to know what has happened to this boat. Any details about the boat then and now would be appreciated. I went to the Allison 50th anniversary last year and saw this boat. I love the color scheme! It is the best looking STV River Rocket I have ever seen in person. At that time it did not have a motor, seats, gauges, steering, etc Hope the pictures come out in the post ok this is my first time posting here. [attachmentid=2063] [attachmentid=2064]
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