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  1. insane


    Is it still available and where are you located? Thx,
  2. insane

    New Member

    Good to have you Jason: I have an Euro with a slightly modified 260. Stay in touch. Jeff
  3. insane


    Power? Pics? Location? Etc? Please pm me with details. Thx, Jeff
  4. insane

    Best prop for a EURO?

    What skitish handling issues are you having? What motor, chip etc are you running? I have had great luck with both a 28 ET as well as the "Generation 2" Hoss prop (a 28 round ear) with my euro with a 2.5 260. Randy at GPI is definately the one to talk to about your boat. I am looking for a good drag prop for my euro and would apprecite any advise anyone may have on that subject. Thx, Jeff
  5. insane

    2001 stv

    What can you tell me about the motor, year, hours, lower, mid, ecu etc? Thx,
  6. insane

    1995 Summerford STV Euro/Merc 260 EFI

    Jody when you get back home give me a shout. I am travelling the next couple of days but will get the boat wet by Wed/Thu for sure. Thx, Jeff
  7. insane

    1995 Summerford STV Euro/Merc 260 EFI

    Lance: I actually bought the boat from Jody and you did see it in Seattle. It is now in route to Alaska...... Jeff
  8. insane

    1995 Summerford STV Euro/Merc 260 EFI

    I am interested if you can give me a call at (907) 229-1082. Thx, Jeff
  9. insane

    1995 Summerford STV Euro/Merc 260 EFI

    Is your Euro still for sale? Where is it located? Thx, Jeff