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  1. Looks like a 16ft ski. 16 comp had a flat deck and ski had a scoop looking thing. Those a re great little boats and can handle some serious hp.
  2. I can`t seem to make the readers rides thread work. I`ve seen it before and it was many pages long. Any ideas? DB
  3. No matter how soon or how long I wait between logg on`s I allway`s have to get a new password. Is it me? I don`t have this trouble anyplace else. DB
  4. Really neat post. I was starting to really get into this in the late 80s. If I may, where on the old Miss did you run? Wish I had been there. Great story. Thanks. We first raced from Greenville, Miss. down to Vicksberg and back for one lap of appr. 250 miles and refuel for one more lap. Problem was that all the people back in Greenville were getting board. The local radio station`s gave regular updates of boat possition`s (via ham radio opperator`s in boat`s sitting in the river or airplane`s flying above) but the fan`s and team member`s in the pitt`s wanted to see more so sometime around 1986 the race course was shortened halfway and we made 4 lap`s of 125 mile`s. This worked well for a couple of year`s so the thinking was that if 4 lap`s are good then 8 lap`s would be better so the course was cut in half again and that`s where it stayed untill they stopped having the event. I looked forward to going to Greenville every year to try my endurance in the Brent 500 and the best I ever did was 2nd. Sorry for the long post Bobby Sanders
  5. Man that look`s great. Very impressive. I tested one of the origanial one`s back in the late 80`s on the Mississippi river the day before the Jessi Brent memorial 500 mile race and put it through some real bad stuff. I was as hard on it as I could be (at the owner`s request) and It did great. It was just a few mph`s of the 380 Laser`s and a lil more off the Allison`s but handled better than both. I allway`s wished that they had gone into production. I would love to run one in the Parker 300. Now all I have to do is rob a bank. Bobby Sanders
  6. Just wondering. Has anybody put a 300PM or 300X on one of these? DB
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