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  1. Hello, I was wondering if anybody knows about the NTV18R being built in BC by Haulin Nass Race Boats ? http://www.haulinnassraceboats.com/ I'd like to get into a River Rocket but I dont know if it is better to wait to find a good used. It looks like these guys and Full Throttle Powerboats are building the STV as well. Is one a better boat? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks very much.
  2. Does anyone know which years were the best for the 225 ProMax engines? Were they all the same? I understand they had the 225X ProMax as well. Any ideas how much a used one in good shape might go for? Any Info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Thanks very much! The dealer said that this has the 5 pedal and not the 7. Does that mean that it is most likely not the original powerhead?
  4. I am looking at a used Mercury 200 with the Serial Number OD077132. The dealer said that it is a 1991. Does anyone know how to confirm the year of the motor? If so, is this a good engine? I believe this is the 2.5 block? Is that motor better than the 2.4 block? I heard that the 2.5 had more bottom end power. The dealer is going to do a leak down before I buy it. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the info Chummy. Much appreciated! I think I am leaning towards a 91 XR4 for insurance reasons.
  6. I'm trying to decide between a Mercury 1991 XR4 and a Mercury 1991 200 HP. I have been told that the XR4 was a more reliable engine and that you can make small adjustments to them to get extra horsepower as they are 'detuned' 200's. The only problem I have heard is that the narrow gearcase on the XR4 is not as reliable so it may be an idea to switch it to a standard gearcase. Any commentx would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Anthony, Those price lists are excellent. Do you know of any online Charger STV Brochures? Thanks.
  8. Does anybody have any comments or opinions on the Mercury 200 Laser Engine? I was looking at a used one or a 1992 Mercury 150 XR4. I heard there were some problems with the Laser engine but others say it was strictly on initial setup. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Has the Mercury 2.5XS Optimax been replaced with the 225 Optimax? I do not see the 2.5XS on the Mercury website anymore but they still refer to the engine in their website. Anybody have any info??
  10. Thanks for all the information. The STEALTH boats is the exact same as the Charger STV is it not? I saw one at maximum Marine in Port Perry last year. Was that between Charger building the boats and Tempest getting the moulds?
  11. Is there anybody that can provide any history on the Canadian built Charger 18' STV Tunnel V's? Were these boats built from an original STV mold or were they developed by Charger and built in Canada with permission from Summerford? I looked at quite a few boats and ended up with a 1998 Charger STV Tunnel V. I did look at one that the owner said was an original Summerford. Some of the 18' Tunnel V's have STV on the side and some have both Charger and STV. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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