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  1. E-tec

    The weight won't affect it at all. You just need to get the setback right. Transom will be fine as long as it's in good shape. The one I saw w/th 225 XS would be virtually the same weight as the E-Tec.
  2. E-tec

    I stand corrected, and thats even (WAY!) better The thing runs like that withs stock porting I want 2 for the Sonic.
  3. E-tec

    Very well done Joe! Great newspaper article. Used to race kneel downs in Kingston. Great course. On Bretts '07 motor I thought he told me they cleaned up the ports?? As to the gears, attached is right from brp.com Main point for me is a near stone stock green motor against a hand built 2.5.......and is good as it is absolutely amazing! Guess it would be better if it was an Opti huh? E-TEC 250 H.O. | V6 - Specifications PDF version Get Acrobat Reader Engine: Loop Charged V6 90° E-TEC Direct Injection Bore in/mm: 3.854 in / 98 mm Stroke in/mm: 3 in / 76 mm Displacement cu: 210 cui / 3441 cc Starting: Electric Trim Method: FasTrak Power Trim and Tilt Propshaft kilowatts (HP): Factory Tuned for High Performance Full Throttle Operating Range (RPM): 4500-6000 Gear Ratio: 1.71:1 Fuel Induction: E-TEC Direct Fuel Injection with stratified low RPM combustion mode Alternator: Variable Voltage Computer Controlled 133 Amp / 1800 watt output with Regulator Cooling: Pressure and Temperature Controlled Water Cooled Steering: Remote Limited Warranty: 3 Years Non-Declining Compliance: EPA 2006, CARB 3 STAR, European Union 2006 Colours: Blue Length: 20 in / 508 mm or 25 in / 635 mm Dry Weight: 507 lbs / 230 kg or 515 lbs / 234 kg Gary
  4. E-tec

  5. E-tec

    Not an e-Rude but would think performance would be similar. Was a guy out of Chicago that had a 225XS on a Euro and it was bad ass! I think it would run 100 but all day long w/no smoke or noise! I enjoed watching it around dock as it shifted and idled like a stocker. On the E-Tec's, I have been watching and once I can pull it off I am looking at two 250 HO's for my Sonic. As is/stock they are the typical OMC grunt monster and pull hard to 6K which is equal to the Mercs. As already eluded to there is a guy up north drag racing a 225 E-Tec on a Mirage and the thing is near stone stock other than a re-curved "box" , turned it 7500+ all season and beats all the 260's in his class every weekend. The new 250 HO's also have 1.71 gears which is what I've been waiting on. The prop calculator says that's ateast 5 MPH's on out boats. Oh yeah. 3 yr freagin warranty Gary
  6. Cleaver Shoot test

    Very good story Larry. Great freagin results! I only wonder, from your sratring point the two props were 6 MPH's apart and the Merc was labbed. Wonder how close the Mazco would be if it were labbed??? Motor was more effecient and able to run higher with the Merc wheel. Freagin impressive results regardless.
  7. Rumble on the river

    Yep, I'll be there. This will make six in a row for me. Great time, great people, great place to play! See yah there. Gary

    GORGEOUS!! Buttttttt....93 w/2 skiers?? I knew you guys were a bit touched down there but 93 Post more shots if you have any. Would love to see the boat. Actually, I am a huge fan of Ski Racing! Neat shit!! Do you guys run oval course or Marathons?
  9. question about STV boat

    notice in the tech rules above that they allow the Merc 60 and 62 inches to be competitive one of the last races (kneel down) I was at I watched a guy run a OMC in F-E and "educate" a guy chasing him w/a 4 cyl Merc. the Johnny would pull him 3 or 4 boats out of every turn! Always thought one of those on a good running 3 point might be the ultimate play toy! 104 Kilo record in mod form which has internal limitations and is gas only huhhmmm?
  10. question about STV boat

    that motor on steroids
  11. question about STV boat

    104.46 MPH Class 05290 - FEH Sunday, March 9, 1997 Record Type KILO Location OROVILLE, CA Driver CHEYNEY STREET Owner CHEYNEY STREET Boat PURPLE SCREAMER Hull Type KAR-A-PEL Engine MEYERS-EVIN. above is the Kilo (straight away) record for that motor with pipes, porting and a race gear case. 50 cu.in. 3 cyl looper Formula E 49.9 c.i. Unless listed in Formula E rules. Manufactured as a service engine and associated carburetors mounted on any unit of "R" dimension of 1.850 inches. Exceptions are the Mercury MK75 6 cylinder, Mercury 650 xs, and Mercury 4 cylinder 62 c.i.. 60 and 62 cubic inch 4 cylinder 650's are allowed. 90-100 mph above is tech rules the factory used to build a modded version call "Mod 50" for tunnel boat oval course racing back in the day as well. MiamiDave has a version that is a 75HP (strongest 3 cly they released) Stinger of above. they currenty run a class called "SST 60" which is very similar but a more current version of above. I have heard reports of 115 HP and up in modded form. here's SST 60 SST 60 Using a 14 foot tunnel boats and OMC's 56 cubic inch three cylinder engine. This engine uses the production full shift gearcase with a nose cone. This powerful little package with racing propellors will run speeds in competition of 80+ mph. Minimum Weight 800 lbs. Record Speed Record Holder Year Kilo Straitaway 94.118 Greg Jacobsen 1989 4 lap ¾ mile competition 63.250 Roddy Foreman 1998 3 lap 1 mile competition 69.471 Todd Bowden 1990 4 lap 1 ¼ mile competition 70.685 Brad Collins 1990 3 lap 1 2/3 mile competition 71.828 Howie Nichols 1999
  12. question about STV boat

    cool motor! 15" mid w/a 50 HP (2 cyl) gear case not sure I've seen one with "Formula E" stickers on it?? Mostly "Stinger"s. For the old OPC class that motor was designed for would have been "Sport E" I believe.
  13. question about STV boat

    LOL, it does look like a mini me... Very cool boat! Looks like an SST 60 boat. APBA class designed to be an entry level tunnel boat class. Very, very fast. Seems like the Kilo record is somewhere in the high 80's to low 90's. (definately not a toy) "Formula E" is that engine w/a shorty mid, a race gear case (as opposed to the hi perf version that should be on that one), expansion chambers, methanol etc, etc. and mounted to a 3 point hydro.

    Yep, done and running. Going to Shreeveport La (June 16 - 18), for N.Chapter By-U-Boyz run and then hopefully back down to Fla. full time by mid Summer Gary

    Hey Mark, I know the lake but have never been on it. I get out that way every week or so for work. The Buckeye get together is just something that pops up from time to time and usually starts by me mouthing off about going there Fun place to play, neat areas to explore but gets rough for the little boats on the weekends.