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    i little different thought in the same line. why not a 2.5xs. they quite making [or atleast silling ] in the states. the motor like the 200xs is about the best for fuel economy. i can get up to 7.5 mph with my 200xs. scream and fly mounted a 2.5xs on a stv type boat and got into the 103+- range with 4 adults on board.
  2. spin was the wrong word, i really mean turning in a control way. the xt and yt hulls a v hulls in nature with air tube carved in the side of the v. at the speeds you talking you really need a true stv type of a hull. thats the only way your going to get the speed and turning ability. my 20' boat can reach 75 with a 2.5 200hp merc but turning a that speed is not very sharp. i have to trim the motor to netrual and drop the speed tp 50 then turn. that turn can be in 100-150 and fairly flat. that would not be too competive. look here for some info and old racing info. they even have picture of the different hulls types. http://www.hydrostream.org To answer your question about competative speeds. We need to achieve close to 65mph for a 130hp motor - 80mph for a 200 hp and just over 90mph for the open class (most people in the open class fit a Merc 2.4l Brigdgeport or the ex F1 2.5l engine) - any comments?
  3. yes there is. its just a reduced cut to the skeg of a SM.
  4. i would think the steps would be to keep the sponson from diving while turning. they would force the sponsom up.
  5. look at the smaller hydrostreams with the xt and yt air intrapment hulls. there fast turning and will handle the up to 200hp. my 20' voyager will spin if running under 35 and stays flat up to 50. just depends on the speed necessary to be compitive.
  6. boater world has rubber tie down that are simular to the ones used on merc alien and jeep CJs. about 15 a pair.
  7. i cant remember, but the question you need to ask is which motor is built but merc racing. i suggest you also look at the 2.5xs scream and fly used one on a stv and has the results. plus its a 2.5 with 3.0 mid and lower units. its also great for fuel usage. not as good as the 200xs but close.
  8. go with the mechanical guage if you have to have one. the merc analog guage system is slow to react [ but faster than the smart craft system] . the mechanical is right now but wont read tilt. jay smaith has on for 125.
  9. the sport master might just bolt up. you need to find what it was on last. i have a SM on a 2.5 200xs and it should fit a normal 2.5. the later mopdel SM also have fat shatf for the props and that maybe also be a problem.
  10. yes if you want max speed.
  11. look in scream and fly there are some.
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    i only looks that way from behind.
  13. please dont add talc, it absorbs water and breaks the bond. i use scotch tape and if wider plastic packing tape over the patch of marine tex to hold in place. add resin coloring to match color if important. i've had some small patches for over 7 years currently.
  14. the pro head is also rated at 1400 psi wherwe the rest out the head are 1000 psi.
  15. hsbob

    octane booster

    land and sea had something that worked, but havent looked lately. you can use toluene, acetone, mek.... but they will only raise the octane 1-2 points and are expensive today.
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