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  1. Mirage tunnel outboard VERY FAST!!Has new hyd steering, nice interior, side steer. Has 10k tach, dual pyros, water pressure gauge, and gas level gauge. Also has stainless marine mechanical trim, 15 and 40 gallon tank, only 15 is installed. Has Dual pro trim and foot activated washdown switch with nitrous button under foot throttle. Arming switch under wheel. Very fast and stable ride. Make the big boyz cry. The 2.5 Mercury was machined by Chuck Goodman of Hydrodynamics and renicked and nitrous bands installed by Jim Ruck. It has new merc top pinned pistons, bearings reeds etc, Rapair ecu a63 with the rev limiter removed and with potentiometer. Has a 2 hole cle. 20 inch mid. It is set up for nitrous but never been armed. Has maybe 6 hrs on it. Boat is fast ie: 100 plus and not for sale to beginners. Email if interested. 14K dragally@yahoo.com
  2. Cool, I got the Mirage out about the same time. No running shots just one on the beach.
  3. Not much going on here. Wasup wit dat??
  4. Picked this up yesterday. 90 model jaguar with newer model top cap.
  5. My new to me boat. No numbers yet.
  6. I can't believe what a POS those guys are. Need their heads caved in. Let me know anywhere you see them post cause it's my mission to beat them to death! Thanks, TD
  7. here now that he was run off S&F for being a cheat and liar. See the S&F lounge and find how he and his buddy Blueilixer ripped off Voodoo racer. Oh yes, they threatened to shoot anyone that come by to see why they ripped him off.
  8. I was wondering if one of you guys could tell me hoe far below the sponsons the middle pad hangs? If possible could you post a picture? Getting ready to modify my Riot pad and would like to copy the Pro Comp pad. TIA Ron
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