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  1. How about " Here's Quartershot, tell someone who cares" Chuck
  2. Call Eric Simon, he will take you in the right direction. Chuck http://www.simonmotorsports.com/
  3. How about 3X, can wear 2x till it gets washed!!!! Chuck
  4. That boat ran 106, so 120 with a 300X is quite possible IMHO. Chuck
  5. Here's the one Anthony was talking about with a 225 Opti on it. Chuck http://forums.screamandfly.com/forums/show...=ocean+outboard
  6. I don't have any of the top tier gas stations around me, would have to drive at least 30 minutes from home!!! Chuck
  7. I agree on the ET. Run a 32ET on my Q-Shot. Really good acceleration, and doesn't stop there. Strong all the way though RPM band. Costly but super props. Chuck
  8. Thanks, Guys. With a 15x30 Performance Prop(round ear), we got 110 on the limiter with some pedal left. I got a 15x34 cleaver, we tried, but did not have any tail lift ( got it back in Fla. getting re-worked) so 116 was all it would do. It's turning the R's (6800), but no speed. Chuck
  9. [attachmentid=2246]Just got my QUARTSHOT T-4 in July. Really love it. Chuck
  10. I think I got to get me one of these for next summer!!!! Chuck.
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