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    euro splash from LPB

    Apparently not..... that would involve brain power
  2. BadTriad

    Spinelli Prop on a Euro?

    I used to run 4 blade spenelli's that I ran on my river boat. They worked great they were normally about 2 mph slower than the Lightning ETs I had but they got up, cornered and accelerated better.
  3. BadTriad

    Mercury Engines

    Here ya go product history straight off Mercury's computer ENG: 0D077132 1200412LD 1991 MERCURY 200 L Warranty Period: 09/15/1992 - 09/15/1993 So if it has the original powerhead still on it it is a 2.5 with a 7 pedal front half like the high perf motors have instead of the normal 5 pedal setup
  4. BadTriad

    Project 280+P (Part I)

    great thread wayne keep it up.
  5. BadTriad

    DDT scaners

    The 4 button tester is primarily for consumer use for the A48, A63, A6, A13 style mercury high perf boxes. The DDT is the tool used by the dealers for most everythinguntil verado. For the 280 and 300 ProMax you just need a DDT with the correct wiring harness and plug cartridge The new SPX kit is what you have to have to work on a verado.
  6. BadTriad

    Blank port map form

    You must have attached the wrong one again.
  7. BadTriad

    We need something new to talk about.

    Randy, I built one simular to that a while back. worked pretty good. but the nice part of the deal was that the reeds lasted much longer. Since that was back before the sport jet reed cage that was a great feature for a motor to run on the river.
  8. BadTriad


    Crown Royal Anti Freeze! Hope that works for you I was out on the lake earlier, its pretty nice out. the fishing and duck hunting is the best its been in as long as I can remember. Gonna go back outside and work on the boat now.......in my t-shirt
  9. BadTriad

    Rocket with 12" Mid, Pics or opinions

    C'mon Rob...... I tore up a few motors last year but I can't even come close to matching the destructin of ER or Rex. but I'm working on it! When are you gonna come down and show us how its done?
  10. BadTriad

    STV ModVP questions

    I've sold quite a few 4 strokes and there is definately not ANYTHING performance about them. We sell Mercury, Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki. The verado is about closest thing to a decent running 4 stroke as I have seen. Mainly becuse its the only one with a blower, which helps it make up for some of the low RPM torque the rest of them are missing. But it still wont outperform the opti. If you want performance and fuel economy buy and direct injected motor, the 250XS opti is pretty damn neat. Lots of bottom end grunt, runs good on top, and gets better fuel economy than the 4-strokes do. I remeber seeing an article a while back where they put a 90 Honda on a A-boat I think it ran like 62 mph or something like that. Not bad, 62 mph and probably only took about 30 miles of running to get it there. Good luck with your project, but I'd check in to being able to run a DI 2 stroke if you can.
  11. BadTriad

    check'n in!

    Nice Pics Craig You got the wholr boat in the air and your looking sideways. You da man!