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    I have been involved in water ski racing from the age of 14 and love fast boats <br />I am keen to learn as much as i can about tunnel deck boats and maybe own 1 or 2 in the nere future
  1. C4 Marine Racing

    stv rr for sale

    Have u got a pic of the inside of the boat ? dose it have 1 or 2 seats ? Dean
  2. C4 Marine Racing

    Small STV

    Looking for any info on the small STV or the Small Mirage with intent to buy, I am not sure what there called if any one has photos to send would be great. thanks Dean
  3. C4 Marine Racing

    Happy New year from Australia

    Hi All just wondering if any one has the small 12" STV for sale and if there is still a race season for them over there and when dose it start ? thanks Dean