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  1. 1995 STV EURO SKI

    I just called, He is located in Long Island... Ripper That's too far for me...
  2. July 27 & 28th 2007 New Ulm

    Just wondering who I may run in to on Hanska this year??? Can't wait to see you fella's again... Ripper Still boatless... I should bought the Canadian boat when I had the chance...
  3. 2005 River Rocket

    Go ahead and post... Yours probably look better and are more revealing then mine... LOL... Did I mention she likes fast boats... Ripper
  4. 2005 River Rocket

    I have to say that this is one of the coolest boats I've ever seen... I have a ton of picts of it... (At home I'll post later...) Jon if you will take my wife as trade, It's a deal... Great boat, someone will get a sweet ride... Wish I had the money for it... Ripper
  5. Summerford Rocket for sale

    Did Haulin buy it... Who's the lucky fella... Ripper
  6. 1996 Euro

    I'll wait then... Good luck with all... Ripper
  7. 1996 Euro

    OK, what are the numbers your getting??? Or do you not want to tell us? So when you beat Iverson we can all have a good laugh... I'll be boatless in New Ulm... Keep us posted... Ripper
  8. 1996 Euro

    So what kind of numbers did you see???
  9. 1996 Euro

    I would look really good in that... Need any music equiptment or a dirt bike or my wife... LOL Ok the dirt bike and my wife... Looks like it may be a year or two before I get a boat... Too many doctor bills yet... Man, kids are expensive... Someone should have told me this... Some friends you guys are... Ripper Is there a way to hook in my car seat in the Euro???
  10. 1996 Euro

    Well how fast??? Ripper
  11. Fishing Motor Build

    After I come into some money and buy this rig, I'm gonna have RP go over it (Hopefully not have to redue any thing...) perhaps even just put a 2.5 monster GPI on it... I need a money tree to start growing in my back yard! Ripper
  12. With out his permission... Another with out his permission... Oh yah, I'm bad... LOL It is truely one hot boat... Just think Mitzy rides in it like there is not a worry in the world too... Ripper I guess I don't know how to just post with out adding... Sorry, I'll learn... One more of this ride... Here is Mitzy after 100+ short cruise... (Mitzy is the dog!) Ripper Sorry for all the phots...