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  1. jphii


    The weight won't affect it at all. You just need to get the setback right. Transom will be fine as long as it's in good shape.
  2. jphii


    My bad Gary. I'm on the phone with Brett and he set me straight about the 1.71 lower:o You're wrong on the porting though.
  3. jphii


    Well, this year he has a bone stock 250 HO on it. And I mean bone stock, not even plastic reeds and a factory EMM. The 250 HO does not have the 1.71 lower on it, only the 300 does. And the 07 motor was not "ported" it was within factory specs, with minor other mods. He raced the new motor in Kingston, TN this past weekend. He came in second in River Racer running my 29 Yamaha prop. Once he gets the prop figured out the boat will be VERY FAST. Considering it weighs 1710# I think it ran very well. Considering the boat that won the class was a couple of hundred pounds lighter, well, you figure it out. To top it all off he was giving rides to the press, people from the city, etc.... HERE is a newspaper article about this past weekend.
  4. I've seen 4 now, 2 running. I'll find out this weekend if the newest one out there is out of break in and how it's running when I hi the river. When Dixon's ran last weekend it looked pretty good. But he never did get to make a full pass.
  5. jphii


    There is a guy on greedbay that has leftover 07's cheap. LOOK HERE
  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all you boys freezin your azz off up in the Great White North!
  7. This motor is completely new. I saw it this past Friay before Wetumpka. Had tp go to Wayne's before Wetumpka to get some heads made. I really want to run one next year in ODBA unlimited.
  8. jphii


    Thanks. Now if I can get it to run this weekend at Plymouth I'll be a happy camper!
  9. jphii


    Lwt's see if this one works.
  10. So that one looks like a stock 50ci looper? Sounds like there is some serious potential there. Send me your email and I'll send you all the pics he sent me (quite a few). I've got a question for you too. Joe
  11. Here's the rest of the motor pics. Tell me about it Gary.[attachmentid=2172] And another:[attachmentid=2173] And another:[attachmentid=2174] And the last one:[attachmentid=2175]
  12. Here is a better pic of the engine
  13. He sent me about 8 pics, and I'm waiting for a couple more. It ain't no kids boat! He says it will run about 90 but that Formula E Johnson (from what I've been told) only puts out about 60-65 at the shaft. I want it 'cause it'd be like having a Mini Me to my Mirage
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