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    High Performance Outboards and racing Jersey Speed Skiffs
  1. I like it. Need to make sure the balance is correct. Jerry
  2. Hi, I know between 1982 to 1992 their a bunch of Manufactures Aeroglass, Bacon, Laser, STV, Stratos. I know Ranger and Allison made project boats. If I had a picture I maybe able to help. Look on back and you can get the year of the boat. Email me at nbsmarine@yahoo.com I will look around. Jerry Glass 757-583-5266 NBS Marine
  3. BASSMASTER P.O.Box-803, Danville, KY 40422 PH: 606.236.5601 Hull ID: BSM, JBE (Jay Bee Boats ) Jerry PS I have a laser bass boat
  4. I have the LTV bass boat it works well. I run a looper on it.
  5. I have a laser bass boat and does real well
  6. Do you still have props for sale. Jerry
  7. I am looking for races to go to. I think there is one at Lake Murray by the triad plant.


    I am looking for a Cleaver 26 pitch
  9. My mom and dad took me to the Hampton Cup Regatta when I was 4 years old about 41 years ago. They ran Inboard Hydro's and Outboards. I got my first boat at 9 years old and after getting tired of rowing the next year got a 1947 Martin 3hp Outboard dad help me blow it up. and it went from there I end up today as Commodore of the Virginia Boat Racing Assoication, Race Director for the Hampton Cup Regatta & Portmouth Power in the Park, and a Official for the APBA. I got tired of get someone to work my Outboards so I went school early on and I own NBS Marine out of Norfolk Va. a lot of water went down the river sence that first race. But I love it and would not change a thing. Jerry
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