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  1. stvprocomp

    Summerford Boat Construction

    hey everyone, bringing an old thread back to the top cause i was hoping someone would have an answer for me..... on a 1993 STV pro comp, what type of resin was this boat built with? i was thinking it'd probably be poly resin, but i wanted to make sure before i go trying to glass anything.. i have a few things needing to be done to the boat, 1st one is what im trying to get done right away and i want it to be completely solid! im either fixing or just totally replacing the transom(even though the transom was supposedly replaced before i bought it).. it looks like it wasnt tied in to the structure of the boat very well and a small crack at the top of the transom has gotten bigger in the couple years i did use the boat(havent run it in like 2 or 3yrs now, its been in storage).. 1 thing i saw that didnt look right to me was they used some pieces of angle aluminum to tie an aluminum plate on the inside of the transom to the knee braces(welded to inside plate and then used 2 bolts per knee brace)!! the other thing i didnt like is it seemed like they didnt tie in the transom all the way around the actual wood of the transom-- i want to make sure it is completely tied in to the hull and knee braces all the way around! i had a modded 260 on it 1 summer, a 310hp 2.5 another summer, along with trying misc motors in between... any pics anyone can post would be great, as id love to see how your transom looks from inside.. and also, id really like to make sure of the resin type used when this boat was built-- at this point im basically thinking of grinding EVERYTHING they did and starting with all new materials!! thank you very much-- stvprocomp
  2. stvprocomp

    Blank port map form

    great post wayne, thank you cause i mostly have a bunch of numbers jotted down on pages somewhere in the middle of one of my notebooks, im going to clean all that up now!
  3. stvprocomp

    Would you be interested?

    good reading wayne, it seems im a tech reading junkie, there could be a lot worse things to be hooked on!!
  4. stvprocomp

    decked block,?

    i got ya er.. yes, i wsnt thinking about the solder- i have used it checking clearancewhen cutting heads on certain engines i was not sure of, i wasnt even thinking of it for squish.. on another note, i am helping a friend build his 85hp johnnie crossflow.. any thoughts on getting it running a bit more efficiently for best performance?? we want some more compression for sure but i have not checked it out yet, id love to hear any thoughts you have.. this is on a light, flat bottomed in the stern, play boat that will have a few people in it sometimes... thanks again
  5. stvprocomp

    2.4 efi parts

    hi, what do you want for the flywheel?? also, what ecu's do you have, any digitals?? id like to find a good deal on one or i can work a trade for any of the bunch of merc v6 blocks(2.0, 2.4 and 2.5), parts and stuff i have-- i have been collecting motors and parts but of course the stuff i need i never have, and what i dont need i have a bunch of!! let me know please... thanks--
  6. stvprocomp

    decked block,?

    you know i have been thinking about this post wayne.. when figuring out the squish, esp on a hi-performance or racing engine, would you take any high rpm rod stretch into the figuring??? would you take into consideration say, the 8118's stretching more then the 5250's and adjust for such?? - if they do stretch more that is, id think they do but i have no basis for that.. just wondering-- the gears are always turning in my head and id really like to take my own personal engine building to a new level and then one day be able to help others better then i can now..
  7. stvprocomp

    We need something new to talk about.

    that sounds good chris, id really love to hear your thoughts and any difference from before. the intakes do look hot but the only thing that matters is their performance(which im sure is exactly what the man has said), anything else is a bonus i guess.. im not used to having a sweet looking boat/setup but i guess i have to with the pro comp..lol id like to hear about your engine's performance even without the intakes.. have you run the engines yet?? im sure these engines are more then impressive from what i have been told by numerous people-- esp twins! the most impressive part to me is not only the hp and torque they make, but that they do it without revving beyond what i feel to be a reliable rpm range-- seems like the ultimate lake motors.. im hoping to get one more of these z-port engines as i may wind up selling this one.. i already have a new one lined up to be built so if mine sells i just will have about 50hp less for a bit.. thanks again chris, im looking forward to hearing anything you have to say about the intake and motors...
  8. stvprocomp

    We need something new to talk about.

    hey chris, i have an a15 at this moment but not for long hopefully... i actually got the low down on setting it up from randy as i have no experience until now with this particular engine.. well, aside from putting it together and using carbs last fall, just so i could try it once before the lake froze!! i am looking for an A48 for it, hopefully i wil find someone looking for some other parts and willing to trade or even if its a good deal then i could pull it off right now.... i have only fired it up in the shop so far getting it timed and it sounds really mean.. i will hopefully find a digital ecu soon, even if i have to change chips that is fine... oh, and chris, this is not a gpi z-port.. it was actually sleeved by someone other then randy or jim ruck but i have talked a bit about this motor with both jim and randy.. a nice job was done with it and all the port heights are the same- and also not too high either... it should scream
  9. stvprocomp

    Would you be interested?

    id love to see this article.. you have some great knowledge and its great that you take the time and share whatever you can with people.. on another note,i just got a prop shaft dyno, although not anything too crazy, im really excited to start getting some engines on it to see the difference certain changes make and where..
  10. stvprocomp

    We need something new to talk about.

    that is exactly the tech we need for boating randy!! im really glad to see you working on it as i have a lot of respect for your knowledge and dedication to this sport and engine tech in general.. i have an '03 suzuki gsxr 1000.. it makes 162hp at the crank and like 155 or 158 at the rear wheel.. it has a primary and a secondary injector, with the secondary acting similar to the way they(secondaries) work in a 4barrel carb.. the entire bike weighs 370lbs dry so i know the engine is light although maybe not quite as light as this one your working on... i have been turning this particular gsxr up to the 13k rpm rev limiter for the last couple of years with not a problem-- 29kmi to be exact!!! its said they can move the limiter up to around 15grand and not have any problems also.. i rode this bike to florida and back from here in upstate new york, i averaged around 110mph on the speedo on both of the 1.3kmi trips, although there were times i was running much faster for extended periods.. oh, and then there is riding in daytona during bike week and sitting idling in 90+ weather with thge fan kicking on at 225 degrees also!! -- needless to say this motor has taken the abuse in stride, like any of these street bikes do, which is definately another plus along with the performance and weight.. oh, do you have any of those 2.5 intakes left?? have you tried it on any of your z-port motors?? just wondering how it does on them or if you have any expected gains compared to the stock horn.. keep up the good work! thanks
  11. WOW, that is one beautiful boat! i think my next one will be something like this one..