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Wayne, when you get time we need to get some Motec numbers on that thing. It defies the laws of physics from 20 mph on. We need to get another one worked for launches. Rob, I was gonna let Blake run it at the Rumble last year but between me running and him hungover.......we didnt get to. Dixon biggrin.gif

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Phil the guy is in bowmanville the name is steves diesel he has done lots of stuff for me and does very good work.they flow them before and after so you can see the results .Riches all came up in flow abit but they are all within .1 of each other.we did abit of running yesterday with both boats they both worked good but i need more prop for my procomp i hit 7200 with my poor little 2.4 with a 28 so i am looking for a 30p.

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