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exhaust chest gasket part number

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i am getting the parts inline to get my engine back together.

i can use merc parts express because it doesnt recognize my

serial number. the gasket number i used is 27-847525 2. it

is the same as the one that came off of my block. my question

is that if there is another gasket for the drag block than this one?

the reason is that where the water passes thru the block on the

sides into the divider plate the inside edge of the gasket only

catches a hair of the block. it almost has "humps" on the inside

where the water comes thru. anyone else have any info on this?

the block is a 97. it is a real s3000 not a cut 260.



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Here is another site that might help if you need other stuff. I found Mercury partsexpress a PITA as well since my powerhead is older and does not have a serial number and is not the same one that came with my mid (which has a serial number). This site helped me.


Doug Russel's

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