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W. Tripp


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I thought some of you might want to see these:

Left - Stock crank with oil shedding coating

Center - Diamond Marine Ultralight crank - 5 Lbs. removed and balanced

Right - Diamond Marine Sportsman crank - 2.5 Lbs. removed and lightened.


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The ultralight crank is a race only piece - the lighter the boat, the more it helps. The weight loss helps at high rpm, but the loss of 2 sealing rings hurts at low rpm...mostly where a drag boat "flashes" through when you first nail the throttle. On my DR-20, when I nail the throttle, the rpm is instantly above 6500 rpm.

I thought you all might like to see the differences between the 3 cranks, all of them are works of Machinery ART...like most of what Diamond Marine does.

My latest lake engine is a mildly ported 280 with a stock crank that has been micro-polished on the journals and the throws are polished to remove the casting flash and roughness...a lot like the coated crank in the photo.

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