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(DDT) Digital Diagnostic Tester for Mercury 2.5, 260 / 280 / 300's

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(DDT) Digital Diagnostic Tester for Mercury 2.5, 260 / 280 / 300's

Digital Diagnostic Tester (DDT) scanner setup for Mercury 2.5 Hi- Perf. 260 or 280 (and many other) outboards. DDT Scanner, latest Mercury software, ECU adapter cable, Mercury System Operators Manual, turnkey ready. Set-up, fully tested, and ready to plug in and test. Check 260 or 280 ECU and sensor operation static or running, troubleshoot, Prom ID, tune fuel curve, record/playback event data. Choose cables/tech info for either 11350A or 849849 style 260 digital ECU. Add additional functions for 280 ECU; check run history, engine hours, overheat, rev. limiter, reset faults, reset history, output function tests, fuel pump, test injectors, tune runnability with Throttle Position Sensor (TPI) and Fuel Offset Function. Lots and lots of diagnostic capability. If your own or wrench on 260/280's you will want this setup in your toolbox. Turnkey setup for 280, $575. Turnkey setup for 260 ECU, $575, choose adapter cable for 11350A or 849849 style ECU. Smartcraft setups also available.




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