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Summerford Rocket for sale

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Hey Phil, I sent an offer on your regular e-mail but never got a reply... so not sure if you saw it... Anyway, I have cash and ready to make this a done deal... I can send a deposit right away and come to see it within a week...


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Ripper, I actually ended up selling it to some local guy, he saw it called me up came over and looked at it and the deal was done in 1 day.

There were 2 other guys that were ready to take it they were just a long ways away and were getting there plans organized for a road trip. Well as the old saying goes cash talks!!

In the end it is nice to keep it local, there is really starting to be a nice population of sweet boats in the Toronto Ontario area.

Now if we could just get everone out to race once or twice a month.

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