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drag vs. 280 vs. 280 w/drag electronics

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i have a drag on the euro now. it spins my 28 re3 9000rpm most of the time,

a little better, a little less on some days, about 114-116 on the gps. it is a

1997 s3000 with 165 lbs of compression, a63 box, no additional add ons or

porting. i was told i could get much more time out of a 280 due to the smaller

port size. ex, pistons/rings would last longer. agree with this? what kind of

rpm loss could i see with a 280 os with the limiter removed, and also with the

same 280 os with my drag electronics on it? i would really hate to swap engines

and the first time i push the pedal to the floor have a big let down. if i run a boat

40 hours in the summer, 20 of them are hard hours, over 7000 rpm. i also run

two ring pistons. what kind of time are you guys seeing out of your drag engines

on the lake?



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I did the "10 bolt tune-up" on my 280 sport last year. Pulled my stock 280 sport with Sportjet reeds, spacer plate and no limiter. Daryl Lane set up an 05 Champ with bolt-ons only (SVS, A6, Boatworks reeds, tuner mod., light flywheel, etc). The Champ is at 135 PSI (stock heads) and is set up pretty fat as this Euro WAS the wife's daily driver (I had to buy her another boat). LOL

I have read many posts to the contrary but my personal experience is that the Champ with loose heads will absolutely stomp a stock 280 everywhere. There is no comparison. Can't comment about the 280 with 260 electronics as I never tried that.

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