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OMC Head Studs

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Ok, finally got pricing back from ARP on these. Unfortunately, they are custom order as nothing similar is currently available. They will be 5/16-18 on the end that threads into the block, .900" long. Then .700" of 5/16-24 on the outside. At this time, I'm only going to consider making them of 8740 Chromoly steel. I had initially wanted to do stainless, but the cost is more and how many people run in salt all the time? If you really want stainless, perhaps we can do another order of those.

So, pricing is dependant on quantity...

Less than 750 pieces, $4.25 per stud

More than 750 pieces, $3.50 per stud

The nuts and washers are:

12-pt nut - $1.55 each

.550" OD washer - .80 each or

13/16 OD washer - .80 each.

So, I'm in for 104 studs. Who else wants in? Please post back with the quantity of studs that you are interested in and we can see how far the list goes. Hopefully we can get to the 750 mark and get the better deal.

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Stock, all the motors have bolts. But after lots and lots of torque sequences, the threads start to strip out. My V8's have been doing this. By going to studs, you put the studs in once, then torque the nuts on the head side, so the threads in the block basically don't get "used" anymore.

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