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2007 SRV........ build

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Well it has been years..... I finally have got my stuff together, there is a new bottom mould, and a re-tooled deck mould..... and now serious progress in getting my boat done.

Had I have known how much time, energy and money this was gonna cost I would have never attempted this. I probalby have 500 hours of sanding, and an other 500 hours of odd projects to make this happen. What has resulted is a perfectly straight ultra high gloss boat.

The pictures I am going to show right now are after I pulled the deck from the mould.... this is deck number 4.... this one is mine!

The deck is vacuum baged and 100% kevlar. The side pannes are spaceage ( similar to coosa ) and the dash is okume and the foam core is ATC. The color is Platinum, and white..... different, so far I like it........

The gloss is now gone, as I floodcoated the deck with waxed resin. The resin is Reichold's Hydrex.

I am going to put the bottom in the mould in the next week or so. This is where it gets interesting, the boat is also going to be 100% kevlar..... but this one is going to be infused. I will post as much as I am allowed, this process is patented so I have to be careful.

I hope ya'll like it.












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As for weight, I really don't know. I am building it strong not really with weight savings in mind. If I can save weight I do, but not at the sacrafice of strength.

The rough math brings the boat in at around 650lbs..... 750 rigged.

Yes this is a Spaeth boat...... though I have done a lot of the work.


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no smoke blowin' here.... but you do some beautifull work my brother I do decent glass work on a 'in general' perspective....but not at that level.... Nice Work...would love to be your 'helper' for a few weeks.... some of the best I have seen...johnny

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well I took a few days off work and got the whip out and made a quantum leap forward in work done. I am going to show a bunch of pictures of the steps on building the bottom, but then there will be a void as the boat was built with vacuum infusion. The process we will not divuldge.

The deck was built with hand lamination, and a vacuum bagged core, it is an old style mold, but we built a new mold for the bottom with the infusion flanges for this process.

Below are:

first color of gel, platinum with white stripes, then the gel is covered with black gel so that you can see any air bubbles ( they show white ) in the skin layer of the boat, shown being started.




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Here is the last layer of kevlar over the core. This is where I stop showing the process. Now what you cannot see it the process of bagging the laminates and the position of all the plumbing. For those who don't know what infusion is. You do what is show above, and put a vacuum bag over it all. And pull a lot of vacuum on it. In this case over 30 inchs of mercury. You then allow the vacuum to suck in resin to displace the air.

What you end up with is an air free lamination, with a perfect resin/cloth ratio ( 30/70 )

The next picture is me pulling off all the peelply, membraine and vacuum bag. You can see the end result.




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More work..... I am beat. But over the weekend, I got the front bulhead, front floor, the stringers, the rear floor, the transom and the knees in the boat ( the knees need to be trimmed and covered with a layer of glass once the deck is fitted ).

I don't know what the hull weighs, but it is lighter than I expected....... My friend Mike ( who is getting Hull #3 ) and I can lift the hull over our heads and hold it there....easily. .... I know what the math said, and we are guessing. But right now it seems as though the hull is sub 300 complete!.........

Here are some pictures.




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