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My Euro 95'

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Graphics look great, who did them? Also where was the picture taken?

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Glad you like the graphics. I bought the boat a few years ago on S&F and the graphics were already on. The boat was totally misrepresented. So, I have been working out all the problems over the last few years. I am glad to say that that I'm just about done with it. As a matter of fact I took the boat up to John Marles (US1) so he could run the motor this past Sunday. I had him go through the entire motor and do his magic to it. He is a great guy to work with. Once I hung the motor back on the boat he wanted to be the first guy to start it to make sure everything was perfect on it. So, when I was up there he ran the motor for about an hour and a half constently checking all the vitals. Thankfully, eveything was perfect. I'll be taking it out tomorrow and this weekend to complete the break in procedure. It's been a long project. I've literally replaced everything on the boat from gauges, shifter, lower unit, stereo system, jack plate, handles, fuel intel, heads, crank, PCU, Injectors, Simon Alt kit, Installed a Bimini Top, repainted the cowl, completely redid trailer and plenty I have forgotten. It's been a real learning experience that don't regret. I really enjoy the boat and I'm looking forward (hopefully) to a hastle free season. The picture was taken on the Colorado River near Yuma in a place called Martinez. My goal is to figure out the set up so I can get up closer to the 120 MPH mark. I shoud have plenty of power now with the new motor. I sometimes just wonder who's telling the truth about there top speed. Last season I thought my motor was running real good and could only get 107 out of it with a real 30 ET. Seems way off from what others are getting. Time will tell. First I'll need to break the motor in. I guess it's more about set up then motor. Unfortunately there is nobody out this way with an STV. So, I've been doing everything by trial and error. Wish I could run into a buch of people out on the water with them so they could give me some pointers on set up. I hear there are a few out at Lake Havasu. That's only about two hours past where I usually go. I may have to go out there to see some others this season. Thanks again for the complements.

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