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Lost 05' Top End Shootout Video...Found!

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I was at Parker's House the other night and he pulled out what I believe is a never before seen video of the top end shootout held on the3 Suwannee in 05'. As far as I know, the only other video of Michael Dixon Running 143.4mph was the one I shot and the quality is horrible. This one was shot from the Radar gun boat so the angles are much better (even if the camera-man may have had a few cocktails under his belt) ;) ). Anyway, this video has several Passes from Dixon, Dennis making his usual perfect passes in the high 130's, Hank's Blow over...and lots more. Thanks to Parker/Hammerdown Racing for the video, and to Larry for hosting this here on STVOwners.com


2005 Suwannee River Top End Shootout

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