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ski bottom question

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im looking at a rr with a ski bottom. i have the modvp bottom on the euro i have now. the bottom has no bad traits

that i can find. helmut always told me his ski bottom euro scared him half to death every time he would get out of

the throttle doing real big numbers. is this more likely from the bottom or from all down force due to the bigger deck of

the euro? how is a rr ski bottom when you slow down?

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Matt, I think the only reason people get so scared slowing down in euro that is REALLY haulin is because the driver is so far to the outside of the boat that it wants to grab and hook when that sponson hits the water first from the drivers weight.

I owned a Rocket with a ski bottom and liked it, I would not care what bottom (of the ski or modVP) I was getting if I was shopping for one now.

Dixon runs the ski bottom on his rocket and has put up some huge numbers. I don't think there are very many out there that could actually drive the boats and tell you what bottom is on it if they could not look under the front.

YOu got your eyes back on a Rocket/Drag package?

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