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the what nots to dooze

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I've been plowing through some of the older set up posts and some one GFI? mentioned building a boat for a customer who just had to have several things that didn't add up. Seperately or 2 of them apparently could have been done but too many were contrary. I think it was- drag engine, light boat, unmodified sportmaster with high speeds expected.

The list of what to do's is kind of long so I thought what about the not to do's? What shouldn't you do rigging your boat?

For example what prop/s are just a waste of time? You might get them to work but why bother when the correct type would be easier to set up.

Stern lifting un modified sportmasters that are expected to be driven over 120.

What obvious just don't do-es are there?

I'm thinking a jack plate on a lightweight STV? You now need even more weight forward to counter act this set back weight?

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