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are all stv tranom's drilled at the factory?

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I want to take the jack plate off of mine, but there is no way that the third hole on the endine will give me any kind of height.

My measurements put it around 3/4" above the pad. Were some of them drilled by whoever installed the engine, or all at the

factory? mine is a 98.



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Matt many of them would have been done by the first owner and some would have been done at the factory.

I would say whoever rigs the boat drills the holes.

Is there anyway to flip your jack plate around and only have a few inches of set back and still get it high enough?

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I was going to go directly on the transom but even if this 3rd hole gets you 1" or whatever your next choices are 3/4" away, thats the spacing of the clamp holes. So going on the transom gives very little adjustment options. In your case if you have +3/4 your other choices are 1.5" and =even

I decided to invert the jack plate. 3/8" + 3/8"+ the bolt head, just 1 bolt head gets you a 1" set back which I think is fine. To do this you do need a mill or have someone mill it but the edge of the engine angles end up with the existing slots. So the slots need to be milled and some new holes drilled.

For me this should give me -3/4" up to +3,1/4" This range is a variable since your drilling new holes on the engine angle for the slots. Depending on where the holes are is where the jack travel ranges.

You lose any kind of help jacking it up so I figured until I build the pnuematics either trim or trailer jack can move it up/down. There is no room other than a screw to move it vertically.

Just to give a general idea.


The mounting bolts heads don't interfere since they aren't in the same location vertically. They may limit travel but then you move to another engine hole spot. Not easy but its do-able.

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Agree on what RT said....They used a modified Merc template as the standard template could not be used becasue as you know there is no splash well, so the upper holes have a "ceiling" ht to contend with on the inside....

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