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setback & prop height

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When running more setback does that mean that you can run higher props hieghts compared to less setback ? I have 7" plate+ a transom wedge that adds an inch, So Im at 8" back with a 500 # motor.



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Everyone else must be using their boat since no one answered.

Yes you go up due to 2 reasons. The water is depressed under the boat and rises, it rises further- the further back you go.

Also the boat is at an angle. So going back from this angle is placing the motor deeper.

The rule of thumb I've seen is anything from 3/8" to over half an inch for every inch you go back. I figure it don't matter, you jack up till it rides right and you still have water pressure. The long thread on hull balance is excellent reading if you haven't read it yet.

I guess you have a hydraulic jack, if its a manual they do (mine does) have a 2nd hole selection to tuck the engine in more. Not sure why?

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Yes on what Techno said...the water comes off the pad at about a 15° angle. So yes the further back the higher you can run...but yes...you have too find the sweet spot as it will vary on many different components....however the STV does help alot with a lot of the guesswork figured out already with built-in setback, etc.

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