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hi-po merc parts,lu,motta's,hulls

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hi-po merc parts. 2.4 and 2.5 cowls,mids,lowers,hulls call bernard 941-416-6071

2-bp cowling pans,no cracks,in very good condition $85ea

2-#4 speed master prop shafts $300ea

1- jsre red flywheel perfect condition.$650

2-280 2003 oval exhaust plates with tuner stock.$550

1-2.4 bp exhaust plate and 260 tuner.$325

1-set pyro sensors will work with any anolog gauge.there the ones that go in the exhaust plate $70

teleflex dual steering,new helm,15' cables.$175

2-260 divider plate. $90

faded bezals flat and angaled call for details

ecu mounting brackets

2-bp new style " " " $80

1-260 or drag digital w/idle screw " " " $110

2-260 analog,without the idle screw " " " $70

1993 stv mod VP front windshield.$75

1-20" straight leg with bobs snout.needs paint never repaired or cracked.$250

1-20" straight leg $100 tyd

1-hydraulic k-2 rams,clean units.in new condition 6 mo use.$350

3-merc stock drag single ring top pinned pistons,clean $100 ea.

1-momo black steering wheel $80

1-dino black steering wheel $80

4-other steering wheels call for details.

20" shift shafts $20 ea.

20" or 15" 1/2 water tubes $10 ea.

2-1.25 big shaft sport master carriers,lefts and rights and 200 carriors also.call 4 details.

1-digital ecu chips,used working chips,

1-847619-14 $30 tyd

1-847610-10 $30 tyd

1-a-48 $50 tyd

2-digital merc boxes not working good cores $150 ea.

2-2.4 bp blocks with matching front halves.basic repairs needed.$300 ea.

1-2.4 1989 oval port efi mariner mid 20" straight leg,very clean a 9 on scale in perfect condition.w/original 1piece exhaust plate and tuner $650

1-set 280 pistons out of 2000 280.clean side staked.$300 tyd

2.4,2.5 carbs and 5 pedal intakes.call for details


1-set 2.5 c2s 29 cc heads $225

lots of 2.4 and 2.5 heads,c3s,c4s,c5s call for details

1-down draft plenum.$85

2-2.4 bp snouts $100ea

lots of steering parts,miscellaneous omc and merc dual steering brackets,tubes,arms.some pulley stuff too.call for details.

mis 2.5 and 2.4 pistons and rods wiscos,malhel,cast,forged pistons used in good shape.call for details

2-sets 280 electrics.i have 2 complete dressings,coils,fly wheel,alternator,consumer box,call for details

1-merc control shifters used with thottle cable.$100

1-xr6 case only,w/nose cone,spoon Carrier.$100

lots of miscellaneous gages,miscellaneous bow lights and cleats,rigging hardware.call for details

1-medallion 125 mph speedo complete w/pick up and hose $70

1-2.4 bp efi harness $60 ea


1-225 lazer analog box.$100

1-a6 drag $750

1-efi 7 pedal reed plates.$50 ea


1-small ear chopper 26p $225

1-mazco 14.5 26 re-4 $350

1-mazco 14.5 28 re-4 $350

1-big ear chopper 14.5 24p $300

1-big ear chopper 14.5 28p $350

rods call i might have what u need.

1-set bottom guided 6250 rods out of 260 $225

5-separate bottom guided 6250 rods out of 260 $45 ea

2-644 rods $75e

5 pedal and 7 pedal Reed cages call for details

lots of basic life jackets,a little fading on some but all straps are perfect and no tears,grease or dry rought on any of them.call me i have too many there all in good shape.make me offer on as many as u need ill make u a good deal.$8 to $15ea

1- 1990 19' action marine needs complete restore w/ galvanized trailer $900.hull only $600

this is not all i have just to much to list call me and ask i"ll either have it or know were to get it.ill assist u the best i can.i do not want to sell u anything u don't need or will not work for your application!!!finding out later that u bought something that will not work best for you or was over priced is not good for anyone.B

em me for pics www.graynester@hotmail.com

lots of other parts

call for more info.B 941-416-6071

if i miss your call please call again i will pic up.B

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Cool list thanks B,

I am still looking for a PC Centre Steer ;)...let me know Thanks

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