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Guide to uploading Pictures

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Here is a guide for posting/attaching pictures to your messages on the forums.

Look at the screen below for the "browse" button. Click on the button and another window opens up which is your computer. Just navigate to the picture that you want to upload. Then click upload and finish with add reply once you're ready to post the picture.

Picture #1 shows the maximun size you have for uploading pictures which in this example is 300K.

Picture #2 shows the next window which pops up after you click the browse button.

Picture #3 shows the path to the picture that you just selected in step #2

Picture #4 shows picture being uploaded after clicking the upload button

Picture #5 shows that 273K was used of the 300K space.

The final step is to click "add reply" to post the message and picture.

Any questions, just PM or e-mail me?






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