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Omaha Boat Drags

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Weekend fun in Omaha NE July 24,25,and 26th. Friday morning and afternoon we will hit the Missouri river. Friday night at 6:00 is the boat show at Quaker Steak and Lube. Saturday is the side by side 1/4 mile drags. Sunday some people will probably be going to the Henry Doorly Zoo and others might be going back out on the river. If you are going to make it down to the river on friday or have any questions you can contact Aaron at drapsallison@yahoo.com or call 402-598-7554.

Racing the Liquid Quarter Mile!

Carter Lake, IA

Saturday, July 25, 2009 * 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Event Time Event

9:00 AM Sign In

11:00 AM Drivers Meeting

12:00 PM Drag Races

Following Completion of Drag Races Radar Runs

The UMPBA normally only sponsors drag races in Minnesota. However, this year you can join in the fun right here in Nebraska/Iowa. You can hear the engines beginning to be warmed up at 9AM on Saturday. If you have never been to Boat Drags, you are definitely in for a treat. Unlike our automotive counterparts the entire Pit Area is open for access by everyone. Feel free to come up and talk with the racers. Drag Boat Races bring fun and excitement for the entire family and there are no spectator fees.

You've watched races. Maybe this year is your year to get out there yourself. To race, you need to:

· Be an UMPBA member ($25 annual membership fee). Sign up at http://www.umpba.org/memform.html.

· Complete the Race Pre-Registration Form. ($40 cost for each class per race entered)

Equipment Necessary:

Of course there are certain safety rules that you'll need to follow. The best way to see exactly what you'll need is to print our online rulebook and read through it to see what is required of both drivers and boats. Please remember that all of the rules are to help insure safety. A lot of things can happen while racing and these items are in place to help make it a safe and fun weekend.

We invite you to contact us at drapsallison@yahoo.com with any questions, and truly look forward to seeing you at the races!

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The schedule has changed. We talked it over and decided to have the zoo tour on Friday instead of the day at the river. This will allow guys to keep their boats clean for the boat show Friday night.

So the Schedule is,


1:00 is the Henry Doorly Zoo tour. This is a great zoo to visit. Bring your walking shoes!

6:00 is the Boat show at Quaker Steak and Lube. Great wings! They claim to be the hotest you will ever eat!


9:00 is sign in

11:00 is the drivers meeting. We will do a run down of the rules and regulations.

12:00 the races begin.

After the races are finished we will have radar runs.

Saturday evening we will going out for dinner and drinks. We haven't decided where that will be yet.

Sunday morning we will go to the Missouri river for a day of boating. We understand some people wont be able to make it do to their drive home. However if you can make it even for part of the day, it is going to be a great time.

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