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euro set back

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my new euro has ten inch set back,has anyone ever run that much,seems like alot,maybe i just need to get use to it,thanks. Dave

first of all, congrats on the new euro. As for the 10 inches of setback, it is more than i have heard anyone running on a euro, but I am running 6" and have at times thought it was not quite enough. i talked to ricky (eyelove boats) about his t-3 and he was running 10-12" (way mor than anyone else was running on the t-3)and got some pretty serious numbers out of it. He was a big proponent of more setback for what ever it is worth, but said it had a pretty wicked hop at the bubble.

i dont know anyone who has spent more time with different setups on a euro than helmut, might try sending him a pm and getting his $.02

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