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STV 87 - Suggestions and Recommendations for improving it

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Dear STV owners,

To you all Aquaracers.

I just got hands on a STV 87, it was really and quite work to be done, but we are putting several hours of handmaid work and fiber glass to restore it and to make it a great STV again.

I wanted to start this post, because I'm new with the STV, I have raced a LASER LTV (and won first place in the first stage of the RIVER WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP held in Mexico) which its predecessor of the STV and I loved it, but I know the STV hull is far more better!.

Currently own a 150HP 2.0L Mariner and also working on a Mercury 2.4L BridgePort, also a complete collection of propellers


14 X 25-26

14 X 25

4 Blades 14 X 26

14.5 X 32

Ronhill Cleaver 14.5 X32


14.5 X 24

14.5 X 28

Litheen 14.5 X 28

OMC MAZCO 14.5 X 29

DAH Alex. G. 14 X 30

Fiber glass, resins, and other materials not a problem, we can work on the hull bottom design, very good.

I would like to hear suggestions and recommendations from owners that have made modifications in the STV's and that have worked for you, I'm all ears...

Best Regards to all, and thanks for welcoming to the elite speed boat world of the STV


Jorge Llanos

P.S link to albumS of the RIVER WORLD CUP held in Mexico (boats such as Hydrostreams:Viking & Vector, Laser 380, LTV, Stoker, STV's and more)


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