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2.5 mods

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hey guy's

im new to the boat scene and just bought a stv euro which is currently sitting in primer after a long week of body work!!! cant wait for the new paint :)

I have a 94 2.5l efi powerhead which i am re-building with some great help from the boys, it needs new reeds, heads have to be machined, and a new sleeve + piston. it will be sitting on a offshore mid and yet to get a gearbox.

The question i need advice on is, if i machine the heads (one is damaged) and get a better reed set up and open all the exhaust which is the plan for that few extra HP, what ECU should i be running to supply fuel for the extra power?

Any advice would be great!! hope to put some Pics of the build up soon!!!


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I have had my boat for a year now and this is my 3rd ray par computer on it . They warranty it but , it it not worth the amount of money you save . Buy a brucotta or mercury .

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