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QuarterShot T3

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I know this is the STV forums, but since Fullthrottle is building them I figured I would but a sibling QuarterShot out here....I've wanted one of these things for the longest time and finally got one. I know I have a lot of crow to eat because many of you know me as a huge Allison fan and V-bottom proponent. I don't know...something about the T3 has always appealed to me so I finally got one. Great boat. Standard layup and strong as an ox. I have my E-Tec hanging on it in the pictures, but I have to change the jack plate back to the 15" jackplate. The one in the pictures was for a 20" motor so this motor is about 4" above the pad LOL. I just picked it up over the weekend so cut me some slack :-) No clue what I'll eventually run on it, but either a 250HO E-Tec, modifed 3.3 liter OMC with fuel injection...who knows.

Just looking forward to driving it next year.




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He got accidentally banned from Screamandfly! LOL. One day he called me and said "I don't know why, but I can't log on..." I e-mailed Greg and it took a while, but he's back on...you'll start seeing him pollute the airwaves again.

No, I tried to trade him the Triad, but he had his heart set on that Allison River Racer and I saw that the deal is done. He's also picking up a SuperSport with a 280 on it....I like the way he operates. Sells one boat and gets TWO. It's good to be him I guess.

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