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Side-mount steering for STV euroski

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I'm really struggling with choosing a proper hydraulic steering for my euroski. I now have a Seastar pro 2.0 helm and a seastar cylinder, which came with the boat. But i would like to go for a more "heavy duty" steering system, in form of a side-mount steering. I also have a hynautic K-5 unbalanced cylinder with wing-bracket, but this is not a good match for the PRO helm. Even if it was, i'd have to have a helm which pumps 5.5 cu.in to get a maximum revolutions of 3 turns each way. This is were it gets difficault. There are only few helmpumps capable of these amounts, as i now. Capilano and hynautic h-41. But these pumps are big and heavy, and i don't think it will fit the euro dash well? So i wonder what steering combination i should go for? Any info and tips would be great..




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As to which combination to get... i'm not sure but a side mount is the best. I ran the seastar pro on my euro/280 into the low 100 teens and never had any problems.

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