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Member looking for a Euroski up to $30,000 in Ontario

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Hello,My name is Brian and I live in Peterborough,Ontario and it is my year for a new Boat.I'm looking for comfort and speed and I think a Euroski, Liberator or similar boat with a 300 would fit the bill.I don't want to fix it all the time and I would like some room and a nice interior.I have up to $30,000 to spend possibly more,and I can travel a little to see the boat.I would consider a different motor if it is near stock and won't need a lot of constant attention.I would appreciate any help I can get.





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Hi BRIAN...welcome to STVO...if you would like some STV exposure...I am just south of you on Rice Lake...and frequent Peterborough...if you would like to hook-up ;)...Let me know...PM if you want....thx AnthonySS

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