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My intro to the forum

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Hi all, name is Bob and have been a fan of the SVT ever since HotBoat magazine pitted it against all the other fast boats of the day. The most impressive was how fast it could get out the hole and hit 30 mph. I never bought one because I'm under the impression that conditions have to be optimal for safe airing out of this type of boat. I'm retired now and will be buying a lakefront home with pier, dock, and boat lift. I think this will allow me to be choosy as to when I would take the SVT out for a romp. I've been a gear head for 40 years with a lot of hot rods and one luke warm performance boat. My current hot rod is what I would call the road equivalent of an STV, weighing 1790 lbs, 516 lb/ft @ 2800, going into a Tremec TKO 600 5 speed manual, into a Jag IRS 3.54 and 31" tires. Like the STV, less mass means your not fighting the Laws of Physics when putting it through its paces.


About 25 years ago giving my parents a ride on Lake Tahoe.


Looking forward to learning from you folks about the STV, and future ownership.

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